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Sweet Spots, Juicy Buys

About March 28, 2010

Pineapple Advertising is the fruit of all your advertising and marketing desires. This ad agency is one of unique character built on creative edge and a media buying formula that’s in such demand even our television station partners are curious of our track record and remarkable results for those fortunate enough to be running on Pineapple Power.

For businesses looking for the same old basic commercial and a couple of prime time spots on ABC – do not look here, we’re not your agency. For companies looking for an agency that truly develops creative based on strategic plans and goals while reaching the most desired customer profile, welcome home. If you’re looking for an agency that buys media based on research, not opinion, based on finding your demo’s lifestyle and viewing patterns and not what “your” favorite program is on television, take your coat off and stay awhile.

The Pineapple Ad Agency is made of marketing experts who do everything to examine and game plan your advertising strategies. We look at how the business phone is answered, what callers are hearing on the on-hold system, how customers are greeted at the door, what the business smells like, what it looks like, all these elements help create an image and ambiance of comfort and trust. Pineapple is simple, low maintenance and experienced.


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