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Time for NADA! February 2, 2012

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Well, Pineapple fans, it’s that time of year again…time for NADA in fabulous Las Vegas! If you’ll remember, last year the guys flew from Nashville to San Francisco for the convention, while our booth got stranded in a warehouse in Tulsa during the largest blizzard in the history of Oklahoma. Remember good old Snowpocalypse? It took some fancy footwork, but they did the best they could, which involved purchasing a TV in Cali to show our commercials on, and me chasing down a printer to make a sign that said, “Our booth got stuck in the snow. Please watch our commercials anyway.” That being said, we still ended up with some new clients that could see the awesomeness of the Pineapple even without our fancy booth.

This year, we went another route, going for a minimalistic booth consisting of a projector and some pop-up signs declaring why Your Commercials Suck. The best part is, all of it is able to be carried onto the plane, which means it should get there in one piece. But of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Barlow informed me this morning that Denver (where their layover is supposed to take place tomorrow) is under a blizzard advisory. More fancy footwork on my part: Barlow is now en route a day early, and Jay will fly out tomorrow and change planes in Houston instead. Let’s hope for no delays so that Barlow doesn’t have to set up the booth alone. (Although it shouldn’t be hard this year.)

If you’re a current client attending NADA, be sure to stop by and see the guys. And if you’re on Twitter, tweet about us using hashtags #pickthepineapple and #NADA2012. Rumor has it that huge screens will be set up on the convention floor running a live Twitter feed, so be sure to spread the word about us!

Our website was relaunched this week and is now mobile-friendly! So you can now view our awesome commercials on your iPad, phone, or whatever, without being tethered to your computer. Pretty awesome, and just in time for NADA. I hope that everyone on the convention floor takes a moment to check it out on their phones, and then tweets about it. Do it!

Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Barlow is @pickpineapple, Jay is @letter10, I’m @smashgirlfriday and Jimmy the executive minion is @thejimmynorton. You’ll be entertained, I promise. Also be sure to check our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pineapplead for updates from fabulous Las Vegas! I hope they see a celebrity and post a pic, although nobody too cool because then I’d be jealous. If the guys run into Vince Vaughn, I’m never speaking to them again.

From all of us here at Pineapple, have a great weekend! Take advantage of the amazing weather; it’s definitely a 180 turn from last year’s Snowmageddon. And if you haven’t Picked Us, your commercials suck…but they don’t have to!


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