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3,2,1…LAUNCH! January 27, 2012

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Happy Friday, Pineapple fans! It’s been another busy week at Pineapple HQ. We’ve had several meetings with clients (both potential and current) and yesterday Jay and I had the pleasure of having lunch with our friends from NCC Media, Mike and Denae, who were in town from Dallas. Thanks for a wonderful time, guys!

The big news from this week is the launch of the brand-new mobile-friendly Pineapple website. You’ll now be able to view our site from your phone or iPad, which is awesome! So when you’re bored sitting in traffic, or at the doctor’s office, or whatever, you can watch our spots! The relaunch is coming just in time for NADA 2012, which is perfect timing for all of our potential new clients who will be itching to Pick the Pineapple as soon as they meet us and see our work. That’s a given!

We’ve picked up several new clients for our Social Attack program, and we’ve been having a blast posting on Facebook and Twitter and getting to know the fans and followers for David Scott Fine Jewelry, Gilland Chevrolet GMC and Forest Ridge Golf Club. I’ve been learning a lot about engagement rings, which is fun for me…I’m a sucker for all things wedding-related. We’re off to a fantastic start for all of them, and we couldn’t be happier about the results.

The guys leave a week from today for fabulous Las Vegas, to attend NADA 2012. It’s a great opportunity to not only meet potential clients and spread the word about Pineapple, but a good time to catch up with several of our current clients, as well. I’m sure Jay and Barlow will find a fabulous venue in which to watch the Super Bowl, too. I’m a little sad that I have to stay behind, but I went to Vegas last time, so it’s Jay’s turn. I guess.

All of us have been getting a lot more involved with Twitter, so it’s time for you to follow us! You can follow our main feed @PineappleAd. If you want the scoop on sucky commercials, and nothing but blunt honesty, follow Barlow @PickPineapple. You can also follow Jay @letter10, me @smashgirlfriday and Jimmy the executive minion @thejimmynorton. We’re all pretty observant and have very different views on life, so I guarantee you’ll be entertained. If you’re not on Twitter yet, you should be! It’s addicting.

We’ve got two productions on the books in the next three weeks, so that’s keeping us busy, too. (I just learned what “pipe and drape” is. I mean, I knew what it was, but not that it had a name. Learn something new every day!) We are about to churn out some super creative stuff, so stay tuned.

From all of the Pineapple People, have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy the warmer-than-average weather. Maybe we’ll get lucky and avoid a blizzard this year….happy Friday, y’all!


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