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Surf’s up, Pineapples! October 28, 2011

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Hey, Pineapple fans! Well, it’s been a quiet week overall at Pineapple HQ. We are finally finished with the office construction (reconstruction?) and while the space is a bit smaller, it’s definitely more suited to our needs. Plus, we get the added benefit of doing some redecorating….we got a new surfboard! The Chief Pineapple has always wanted a real surfboard on the wall, and it came in the mail this week! Jay has designed a really awesome wrap for it, so it will be fully representing the Pineapple look when it’s finished. We’ll post pics when it’s done. In the meantime….

I’m not sure why my bangs look like one of the Three Stooges; I blame the camera. That’s the only time I’ve been on a surfboard. Not sure I’m coordinated enough to try it on water.

Editing for the David Scott Fine Jewelry commercials is in full swing; unfortunately, Barlow is stingy and won’t share with us until they’re finished, but he says they look amazing. Having been on-hand for the production, I have no doubt of that. I just can’t wait to see them!

We also finished the other Nelson Mazda Tulsa spot this week. I will post a finished version of it next week. Let me just say that it oozes awesomeness. (Naturally. I just wanted to use the word “oozes.” That opportunity doesn’t come along often.)

I am up to my ears in media buying for 2012; it’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy it. It’s like a puzzle, and we get to fit all of the pieces together. It’s important that we stay in budget, have the commercials air in programs that people actually watch, and that we reach the target buyer for the product. It’s a lot to juggle, but it’s fun! I love tackling big projects like this, so look out.

Next week promises to be a busy one, so get ready for lots of news and hopefully pics of our surfboard (minus me and the Three Stooges hair). Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and we’ll chat next week!


Pineapples make a splash in PCB October 20, 2011

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Hey, hey, Pineapple fans! It’s a glorious fall day at Pineapple HQ; I’m so glad that it’s no longer 90 degrees outside. I’m tired of my summer wardrobe. (I’m sure my co-workers are tired of it, too.)

Barlow, Jason and I had a fantastic trip to Panama City, Florida, earlier this week. We left on Sunday afternoon and had an uneventful (though long, with our three-hour layover) journey. Of course, immediately upon arrival we hunted down a Mexican joint for dinner. That was about all we had time for, as we left our hotel at SIX IN THE MORNING on Monday. Yes. LEFT the hotel at 6. Not woke up at 6, but left. My body tends to rebel at call times that early. But we were all on time for our first location, which was at a gorgeous home in Panama City, right on the water.

The first commercial we shot on Monday featured actors Danny and Steve and actress Melanie. They all did a phenomenal job and were wonderfully professional to work with.

After we wrapped the house location, we headed to our client’s store, David Scott Fine Jewelry. They have a brand-new location, and it’s really something. We shot several scenes there with actresses Tera and Nancy and actor Eric, as well as the David Scott staff. Thanks to David Scott, Rebecca, Keith, Michael and Bea for your kindness and hospitality! After the jewelry store, we headed to Pier Park, which is really cool. It’s an outdoor mall that’s right on the beach. That’s every girl’s dream! Even better, they have a small amusement park, too, which was a perfect location for later in the shoot. I loved this scene because we filmed our “couple” doing fun Floridian things, like cruising in a Corvette and eating ice cream. (I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get any photos of Jason lying on the hood of the Corvette while it was driving.) We picked up some ice cream for Tera and Eric at Kilwins (don’t worry, they didn’t eat it IN the Corvette) for the next shot. And Keith from David Scott had sympathy for the poor pregnant girl (aka ME) and bought me a scoop of chocolate fudge brownie or something, and it was AMAZING. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Kilwins within about five states of us. Trust me, it’ll make you forget all about Braum’s. This stuff was GOOD. Poor Tera didn’t even get to eat hers, as it melted too quickly and it ended up all over her fingers. After that delicious scene, we walked over to the beach for our mock wedding. This spot is going to be really funny…it’s a totally different take on a jewelry commercial. We can’t wait to see it! A special thanks to our bride and groom, Christi and Andrew, as well as our guests Shaye, JD and Anthony. Our minister was fabulous and I didn’t catch his name. We also had several other guests on-site, including some furbabies.

The wedding scene was a bit tricky, as we were literally racing against the sun. But in true Pineapple fashion, we got it all done and the footage is fantastic! Thanks again to everyone for helping out with this scene (even Precious the pup).

After the beach, we had one final scene left to shoot at the Miracle Strip, which is the amusement area. It truly looks magical at night, with the ferris wheel and carousel all lit up. Romance was in the air! (Well, as much as it could be for two strangers that were proposing.) In all seriousness, Danny and Jane did a great job. And I kept waiting for Jason to get dizzy after being spun around in circles over…and over…and over.

Another huge thank you to the rest of our crew, Seth and Rich. You boys did a great job!

The Pineapples had a wonderful time, and we arrived home from the beach just in time for autumn. At least we got to go to the beach before it gets really cold. Stay tuned for the David Scott “Yes!” campaign…it’s going to be amazing! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and we’ll see you next week!


Panama City, Pineapples and Production October 14, 2011

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It’s official….this week marks the planning of my most intricate production to date. Now, most productions involve plenty of planning and a lot of detail, but this one takes the cake. But you know how much I love a challenge, so it’s no problem. I’ve got multiple actors lined up, several locations and lots of props. The best part? It’s all taking place in a city that I’ve never been to. I will say this: every person I’ve dealt with in Panama City has been a delight to work with so far, so I have confidence that everything will go off on Monday without a hitch. And the weather is supposed to be beautiful! Plus, I get to go to the beach, and Barlow says there is a fantastic Mexican restaurant there. I hope that Panama City is ready for the Pineapple People!

This week we released the next round of commercials in the Davis-Moore Nissan “Socially Acceptable” campaign. The planking spots that ran last month have gotten a lot of attention in Wichita, so we’re very “plankful” for that. Next up? Flash mobs and owling! Both of these are socially acceptable at Davis-Moore Nissan.

Hey, all you employees out there….Monday is Boss’s Day. Since we will be out of town on Monday, we decided to celebrate a little bit early and surprise Barlow with a few small tokens of our affection. Thanks for being a fabulous boss, Barlow!

Even if you don’t like your boss, you should at least acknowledge the day. If you don’t want to be too nice, www.someecards.com generally has a nice selection of, what else? E-cards. You can post them directly to your boss’s facebook page and get a few brownie points, and it won’t cost you a thing.

If your boss is unfamiliar with someecards, he’ll think you’re joking and won’t be mad at you, but will think instead that you have an amazing sense of humor that he’s been overlooking all this time. Maybe you’ll even get a raise.

Keep an eye on the Pineapple page next week as we head to sunny Florida for a couple of busy, busy days! Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll chat next week.


Fair, Fried, Fannypack, Florida October 7, 2011

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Hey, y’all, it’s Friday! And it’s the last weekend to eat fried goodness at the Tulsa State Fair, so hurry on down this weekend if you haven’t been yet. The Pineapples have all made individual artery-clogging journeys there, and we’ve all lived to tell about it. So head on over to 21st & Yale, grab a corn dog and some fried Kool-Aid, and get into serious people-watching mode. You’ll love it, I promise.

Barlow kicked off this week by flying south to his favorite city of Austin for a quick potential client visit. He did manage to get in a round of golf, which he won. The great news is, his prized possession trophy gets to keep its home at Pineapple HQ. Congrats, Big Pineapple!

Yesterday was an adventurous one. The morning started off with me dropping off my truck to get some work done. After that, I borrowed Barlow’s truck to pick up some items for the office (we were running dangerously low on Mountain Dew and peanut M&M’s. ) I managed to cross everything off the shopping list without incident and load everything up in the truck. I left my phone, wallet and keys in the truck and went to return my cart like the good citizen I am. I returned….to a locked truck. Well, hmm. Barlow’s truck has remote keyless entry, and it’s not supposed to lock while the keys are in the vehicle. Could have fooled me! Now what? Thankfully, the kind folks at Target customer service let me borrow their fancy red phone, and I knew Lori’s number. I knew she’d have an extra key. BUT she was on a school field trip, eating fried goodness at the fair. I figured there was no point in calling Barlow, since he didn’t have a car to come get me. Jay had stepped out for a dental appointment. I was on my own. I was only a mile from the office, so I figured I’d walk. Lucky for me, I didn’t make it far before I heard my name called; Jay and Barlow spotted me. Apparently Jay had made it back, and Barlow was late for a lunch meeting. When I didn’t answer his texts, he asked Jay to drive him. It all worked in my favor, since they had pity on me and gave me a lift. Thank goodness, because my shoes were not made for walking. I’m pretty sure I’ll never live this one down. The best part is, when I finally got a key and was able to unlock the truck late yesterday afternoon, all of my purchases were still in one piece. (I was pretty concerned about the Junior Mints, but they survived nicely.) The lesson of the day is, don’t trust remote keyless entry. Ever.

On a brighter note, we had a visit from our pals at Taste the World Photography. Cindy and Fannypack Guy (aka Jeremy) are always a hoot!

We’ve got one more week in the office before our crew goes to sunny Florida for production. I’m really excited because I get to go this time! Barlow has written an amazing campaign for our new jewelry client, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to shoot. In addition, I’ll get to meet with all of the media reps in the market, which I like to do; I like meeting the people who I’m dealing with. It’s always a bonus to put a face to a name. Plus, it’s Florida, which is one of my favorite states. I’ve never been to Panama City, though, so I get to cross it off my list. It’s a win-win!

Have a wonderful weekend, Pineapple fans! Enjoy the fair and the Red River Rivalry; it’s a big weekend! See you next week!