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It’s that time again… September 29, 2011

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Well, Pineapple fans, we’ve had (you guessed it) another busy week at Pineapple HQ. We jumped in headfirst on Monday with a new production at Nelson Mazda Tulsa, on the heels of last week’s Mazda Nashville shoot. The staff at the Tulsa store is always great to work with and we had a lot of fun.

In addition to the employees, we also had three actors on hand to star in the commercial. A huge thank you to Kelsey, Patrick and Snow for their help!

To make things even more interesting, Clay and Jason had a water-chugging contest, and Barlow decided to interfere by snatching Jason’s bottle away. Jason ended up soaked, and Clay was declared the winner. Always a good time with the Pineapple People!

Thanks to Ben Scott at Cox Media for my new media swag….I am the proud owner of a Digi bobblehead! He’s pretty cute, don’t you think? Now I have two Digis to keep me company. I think they’re the ones eating all of the gummy bears. And a happy belated birthday to Ben from the Pineapple People!

The Pineapples have been picked again…in Panama City, Florida! We are pleased to announce that David Scott Fine Jewelry has officially picked us! I am currently scheduling travel and production…more to come soon! I feel like I really need a trip to the beach, don’t you?

Yesterday we were out at Nelson Nissan in Broken Arrow, live on KTUL channel 8. Our talent, Jeff Lazalier, did an amazing job as always. Nelson Nissan is wrapping up their Super September with a ton of great deals (including $199/month on Altimas), so you should go see them before October 1!

It’s definitely been a busy week, as always. But the weekend is nearly here….and it’s time for the Tulsa State Fair! (Even though ‘Tulsa’ isn’t a state.) Personally, I’m excited…if you remember last year’s blog at this time, I was on a mission to find someone dumb enough to eat a Krispy Kreme Burger. That person ended up being me, and I’m actually looking forward to it this year. I’m not going to fight it. Also on my list is a deep-fried Snickers (I hear great things, and I couldn’t find one last year), roasted corn and a shish-kabob. I’m sure I’ll find a few other items to nosh on, as well. If you go to the fair before I do and you find the Snickers stand, please let me know where it is. Feel free to post your fair food photos on our facebook page!

Have a fabuloso Friday and a wonderful weekend, Pineapple fans! Enjoy the fall(ish) weather….who am I kidding? Enjoy the blazing September heat, and we’ll talk next week.


Busy week for the Big Pineapple September 23, 2011

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It’s been a very busy week…for the Big Pineapple!

First of all, on Sunday we hosted the annual Nelson golf tournament at Forest Ridge. This year’s theme was Ka-Pow, which was achieved with a feel-good, retro vibe. Lunch consisted of sandwiches, cheez puffs, Ding-Dongs, Twinkies and Kool-Aid. Music was playing featuring hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s. The goal was to feel like a kid again, and have fun doing it! Many thanks to Forest Ridge for hosting us and providing a delicious and fun meal. Thanks to all of the Nelson employees who participated; we hope you had a wonderful time, despite our early finish, thanks to the lightning.

We had a putting contest, and the winner was one of our guests, Shane Gray of FOX 23. Congratulations, Shane!

Nelson Nissan employees Jeff Dorsey and Nathan Parker grab some Kool-Aid while waiting for the prizes to be announced.

And of course, our Big Pineapple Barlow was the day’s emcee.

After a long day of golf, Barlow headed out bright and early on Monday morning to Nashville, where he prepared for the Nelson Mazda production to kick off the grand opening of their brand new dealership in downtown Nashville. Tuesday was spent on the set with 30 extras, two actors and plenty of Nelson Mazda employees. Pineapple is pleased to present Nelson Mazda Downtown as the Heartbeat of Nashville!

After wrapping the Nashville shoot, Barlow hopped a plane to Panama City to visit with a potential client. Then he’s heading back to Tulsa after a very long week! We’ve definitely missed his zaniness at Pineapple HQ this week, so we are happy to welcome him back to the office today. And Jay and I are really trying hard not to eat all of the gummy bears before he gets back in town. No promises, though.

The Pineapple People have a lot of projects in the works, so stay tuned. Like…a lot of new stuff. Get ready for plenty of updates in the upcoming weeks! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and we’ll chat soon!


Pineapple Ka-Pow! September 16, 2011

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Happy Friday, Pineapple fans! Well, all summer long we’ve been complaining about the heat and the drought. So to all of you naysayers, today is for you. Gray, gloomy, cloudy, cold and rainy. Personally, I’m not complaining; the only thing is, I would rather be at home in my jammies. But I’ve got my sweater and boots, which is the next best thing. But I would really like it to clear up by Sunday, because that’s when Pineapple is hosting….

the Nelson Ka-Pow Golf Tournament!

This year’s tournament is going to be held at Forest Ridge and as always, will be a fun day for all of the Nelson employees. We just want a nice day for it! I will take plenty of photos to share with you on Monday, don’t worry! And if you’re a Nelson employee, get ready for a fun day!

Yesterday was a big day for the Pineapple People; we presented the new spots to The Assembly at Broken Arrow. This was a big deal for us, as this campaign is unique for us. The spots definitely don’t look like your average church commercial! Even better, we had the joy of presenting them at The Assembly’s sanctuary, complete with big screen and stage. If only we could present all of our work in that manner!

But most importantly, the client is happy, and that makes us happy! As much as I would love to show you the spots, you have to wait until Monday. Or you can attend Sunday services this weekend at The Assembly; they will be unveiling them to the congregation. Even cooler than that, former Attorney General John Ashcroft will be in attendance! But if you’re unable to attend, we will be posting them on our facebook page on Monday. You can also watch a lot of TV over the next few months, and you’re sure to catch them there!

Monday will be another big day, as we will be FINALLY posting the new spots for Davis-Moore Nissan! I know we’ve been talking about them for weeks now, but the official launch is Monday, so you just have to wait a couple more days. We can’t wait to hear feedback!

Next week is full of out-of-town production: the Big Pineapple will fly out on Monday morning to direct the new campaign for Nelson Mazda in Nashville. He will also tackle the latest Rogers Automotive spots while on the road, so he has a lot on his plate in the next few days. After that, he’s off to sunny Florida to visit a potential client before heading back to Tulsa, just in time for the Nelson Mazda Tulsa production. Whew!

This is a big weekend, even if you’re not a Pineapple. Our beloved OSU Cowboys will play in Tulsa tomorrow night (wave at Barlow if you’re there!), apparently there is some big OU/FSU game (or so I hear), and the Emmy Awards are on Sunday night. There definitely won’t be a shortage of events to watch on television. And you can keep an eye out for Pineapple commercials, too.

Enjoy the fall weather, Pineapple fans, and have a safe and pleasant weekend. We’ll talk next week!


Pineapples, Planking and Pokes! September 9, 2011

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Well. It’s Friday. And it has been a VERY busy week for the Pineapple People.

We spend the first part of the week getting everything finalized for Davis-Moore Nissan in Wichita. Yesterday we took a road trip north to present the campaign to their team, and we are pleased to say that they loved it! We are really excited to launch this series of commercials; they’re out of the box even for Pineapple. I promise we will reveal them soon; we just have a couple of tiny tweaks to make. But just to prove to you that the client is happy, check this out:

They all planked in the conference room to show how pumped they are about the campaign! Trust me, this will all make sense soon.

On the way home from Wichita, we decided to take a Pineapple field trip. Okay, so it was planned in advance, but whatever. Barlow, Jay and I spent the evening cheering on our favorite Cowboys at Boone Pickens Stadium. The Pokes gave us a win over Arizona, so that made the night even better. We had awesome seats, perfect weather and a terrific time. Thanks, Barlow!

That being said, it was a very long day and a very late night! We are happy that it’s finally Friday and we have a peaceful weekend of sleeping in to look forward to. At least, that’s my plan; who knows about everyone else!

Today I continue my race for media swag. The favorite media Account Executive of the day is Kendra Mueller from Cox Communications in Wichita. She sent me a really cute, VERY soft MTV hoodie. I plan to wear it every time I watch “Jersey Shore” and plenty of times in-between. She also sent a couple of t-shirts for Jay and maybe Barlow, if I’m feeling generous. Nobody was here today to photograph me modeling my new digs, so this will have to do. A very excited THANK YOU to Kendra!

Well, Pineapple fans, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the cooler temps….I heard a rumor that it’s going to be hot again next week. That’s going to make me really sad, because now I’m in sweater-mode mentality. Guess we’ll find out next week. Talk to you soon!


The race for swag! September 1, 2011

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Hey there, Pineapple fans! It’s been another busy week here at Pineapple HQ (does that surprise you? It shouldn’t). We have been busy working on the new spots for Davis-Moore Nissan and The Assembly, and we can’t wait to show you! But you have to wait; that’s just the way it is. Not too much longer, though, I promise. Did you see all of the photos from the productions? To see the plethora of planking pics, click HERE, and to see folks at The Assembly “Come Alive,” click HERE. These spots are going to be, respectively, absolutely hilarious and positively inspiring.

We have been having a fun time at Pineapple HQ with my new quest for fun media gear. I have been having a blast getting to know all of the Account Executives in the different markets, and they have all been incredibly helpful to me as I embrace my new media-buying responsibilities. My new goal started with a local radio AE, when I asked him for a t-shirt from his station. (I have always had a weakness for free tees.) He delivered, and that started a spirited battle with some other local stations. I say, “bring it!” I also received a prize pack this week with plenty of goodies in it; my favorite part is Digi! He (or she) is already a professional Pineapple planker.

┬áSo if you feel the urge to send this poor gal a t-shirt (or something else interesting), it will be gratefully accepted. The goal is for me to have one week at the office wearing a different media shirt each day. Don’t worry; if it’s your shirt, you’ll be featured on the Pineapple facebook page that day! Who doesn’t want a little love? Adam does:

And so does Ben:

And Travis!

Who’s next? It could be YOU!

The Pineapple People are saying farewell to summer this weekend by having a pool workday tomorrow. Thanks to our Client Relations Director, Jay, we get to have those days occasionally, and it’s quite a nice change from being in the office. Luckily, the Pineapples are mobile, so we can still get plenty of work done poolside! Don’t get too jealous if we post some fun pool pics tomorrow on our facebook page.

We hope that you have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. Stay cool, have fun, and we’ll be back in the office on Tuesday. Oh…and if you haven’t picked the Pineapple, your commercials suck. Seriously, they really do.