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Too hot for Walmart? July 29, 2011

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Hey, hey, Pineapple fans! We are facing yet another excessive heat warning in T-town (yes, Mo, it’s HOT!). After nearly two weeks of sweltering heat and record-breaking temps, I’m over it. I’m ready for some rain. Or a blizzard. Or anything, really. Oh, and it’s an ozone alert day, too, so don’t waste time mowing the dead grass or pumping gas before dark, because the villagers WILL come after you with torches.

There will be a slight break in the heat tomorrow, as it’s only supposed to be 100 degrees. Pack a sweater.

It’s been another incredibly busy week for the Pineapple People. Jay attended the JA Jewelry Show in New York City, and he had quite an experience. I’ll let him tell you all about it sometime. Let’s just say he met a lot of interesting folks, did a lot of people watching, and learned a few things about hand sanitizer.

On Monday of this week, we did a production for local senior photographer Taste the World Photography. We had a great time with Cindy, Fannypack, and the spokesmodels. We spent most of the day shooting in Cindy’s downtown Tulsa loft studio, and then finished the day at an amazing swimming pool that was kindly offered to us by Stacey Pennington. All of our crew did a fantastic job, and everything came together nicely. We appreciate everyone’s kindness, generosity and hard work to make this shoot a success. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Yesterday was another busy and fun day, with Barlow, Jay and I hitting the road and heading north to Wichita, Kansas, to meet with a potential Pineapple picker. We had a terrific time, and the staff at the dealer group was a lot of fun: just our kind of folks. Thanks to the gang for a catered lunch, and for inspiring Barlow to plank on the conference room table. We couldn’t resist.


On the way home, we stopped in Cowboy Country aka Pineapple Paradise aka Stillwater, and chowed on some cheese fries from Eskimo Joe’s. And then we planked some more.

We’ve had three productions in three weeks, and it’s been pretty eventful around here. Now we have a couple of production-free weeks…to plan the next one! Next on the books is a trip to Florida for the Cadillac Dealers of the South meeting, then it’s off to Nashville for more production. This summer is definitely keeping us on our toes, and we’re loving every minute of it.

This morning I read about Sandy McMillan, the woman who was asked to leave an Oregon Walmart for wearing a string bikini top to shop at the store. McMillan and her sister went to pick up a few grocery items, and she wore her bikini top and shorts to combat the 90 degree heat. (Ninety degrees? That must be nice.) A few minutes after entering the store, McMillan was approached by an associate and asked to cover up or leave. Now McMillan is embarrassed, and claiming that she didn’t do anything wrong: “I was horrified. I am embarrassed….It’s wrong. If you don’t like the way someone looks, don’t look at them….I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish.” Personally, I think she did something wrong by wearing that ensemble in the first place. You can watch a short video of her interview HERE and see if you agree with me. I wonder if she’ll make it onto People of Walmart!

Well, Pineapple fans, have a fabuloso Friday and a wonderful weekend. Remember, if you are too hot this weekend, and need to run to Walmart, don’t wear a string bikini. It won’t end well for you.


He’s got moves… July 22, 2011

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Well, it’s been another record-breaking week here at Pineapple….we should win an award for getting the most accomplished in five days! Pineapple is poised to do great things (in addition to what we’re already doing!). We had a fantastic production on Tuesday (more on that later), a commercial reveal to a client on Wednesday, new spots released in North Carolina, and we are ramping up for another production on Monday. (That makes three in three weeks, if you’re keeping track.)

First….Tuesday. We have the opportunity to shoot something a little different from a :30 commercial; we are making a three-minute video for a local business. We had tons of extras, talent, baseball players, karate kids, employees, a tank, a whale…you name it, it was involved. We also got to see Barlow dancing. A lot. In twelve hours, you can see a lot of interesting moves. (Maybe that depends on your perspective.)

Here is a fun fact for you: The Blue Whale is considered one of the Top 10 attractions on Route 66. Now, I will admit, I grew up not far from the Blue Whale, and I had never been there. Honestly, I haven’t been missing much. It’s odd, it’s quirky…and it’s a concrete whale sitting in a pond of scummy sludge. But now I can say I’ve been there.

Know what makes kids dance? The promise of candy.

Next up…the commercial reveal! We actually unleashed this on our facebook page, but for all of you who aren’t on facebook, now is your chance to see the latest Pineapple juice. This is the spot we shot for Summit Christian Academy last week. The campaign is called “Up”, and we are so happy with the way it turned out. To view the commercial, please click HERE.

We also released a new commercial for Rogers Auto Group in Shelby, North Carolina. They are launching a new “Trade Better” campaign!

All in all, it’s been a busy, yet successful week at Pineapple HQ. Monday will be another crazy one, when we head to downtown Tulsa, then to a swimming pool. I bet at least one person will jump in when we’re finished…it’s going to be HOT! Be sure to watch for updates on that!

Please think positive thoughts for a safe trip to New York City for Jay tomorrow; he’s going to represent Pineapple at a jewelry show with 17,000 attendees. We know he’ll do a great job for us! Let’s just hope the booth arrives this time, hmm?

Have a wonderful weekend, Pineapple fans, and stay cool.  We’ll talk next week!


Friday, sweet Friday July 15, 2011

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Well, we are finally wrapping up another week of craziness here at Pineapple HQ. It’s been a week full of meetings, planning, learning and shooting. And if you would’ve seen my desk at 5:30 p.m. yesterday, you wouldn’t believe that this is the same one.

Isn’t there a saying about a clean desk involving a clean mind, or something? I must have been in the gutter yesterday then, but I’ve completely redeemed myself, just in time for the weekend.

We had a terrific production earlier in the week at Summit Christian Academy in Broken Arrow. The school has a fantastic faculty, and the kids were a lot of fun to work with. A huge thank you to everyone at Summit for helping the day to run smoothly! The shoot was a lot of fun, as always; our crew is a blast to work with, what can I say? To see all the photos from the day, please click HERE.

The other big project for this week has been finalizing details for Jay’s journey to New York City next week. It’s a convention…my favorite thing! We have been working to coordinate the booth, travel, shipping, and all the other good stuff that goes along with an event such as this. Let’s just hope that there isn’t a blizzard this time, and the booth arrives safely and on time! No flashbacks from San Francisco and the Snowpocalypse event of 2011, please.

In addition to that, we’ve got three productions that we are juggling right now, so there has been plenty of planning. As usual, I’m on board for tackling all of the crazy tasks! (Last week I got to go on an elevator hunt!) I’ve talked to several folks this week that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to visit with, and that’s a fun part of the planning process for me. Now I just need everything to fall into place…it always does, just sometimes not as early as I would like. I’m not a fan of surprises!

Unless they’re sweet. Today we received a nice gift from a colleague of Jay’s. Love me some cake pops!

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m cutting this a bit short today (I really wanted to get your opinion on the prisoner that got married behind bars….he’s serving a 163 year sentence. Silly, right?) because I’ve got plenty of Pineapple errands to run, and the clock’s a-ticking. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, and stay cool!


Pineapples, Production and Pizza July 8, 2011

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Hey there, Pineapple fans, and a happy Friday to you! It has been one heck of a week here at Pineapple HQ, and we are glad to see that the weekend is almost here.

We have multiple productions coming up in the next few weeks, and they run the gamut from car dealership to photography studio to private school. This means we have LOTS and LOTS of planning and details to take care of. But we shine when it comes to juggling a lot of tasks, so it’s all good. I say, bring it! (That’s what I say today; wait until next week and ask me again!) We have signs to make, elevators to reserve, talent to book, make-up people to find…plenty to keep us busy!

The Pineapple People also have two conventions on the books over the next few weeks. First up, Jay is heading back to New York City! He had such a great trip the first time, that he’s ready to do it again. He will be attending a jewelry convention; should be fun! Maybe he’ll make a stop to visit Grand Central for old times’ sake. And shortly after that, Barlow and Jay will head south to sunny Florida to visit with the Cadillac Dealers of the South. (They may get in a round of golf, if they’re lucky!) Barlow was invited to this event last year, and he is pleased and honored to be asked back again. From there, Barlow will hop a flight to Nashville for another production.

See what I mean? We have a lot going on around here.

This morning was quite a big one for NASA; the Pineapples all gathered round and watched the final space shuttle Atlantis launch earlier today. We like to do things together! What do you think about the end of the space program? Is it a good idea or not? The space program has been active since 1961; it’s been a good ride! I just hope all four of the astronauts have a safe and easy voyage home. If you missed watching the launch, you can watch it HERE.

I also heard a fun story of inspiration and ink this morning on the way to work. A school in San Francisco was trying to come up with incentives to get students to raise their test scores. After nixing ideas like “dollar-off coupons at the corner store”, teacher Stanley Richards promised to get a tattoo if the students raised scores by 50 points. He was positive that it would never happen, and this is proved by the ridiculous ink he promised to get: the school’s vice-principal dressed as a sumo wrestler, holding a medallion of test numbers and slaying a dragon, which represented the standardized test. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it worked: the students raised the scores. And Richards got the silly ink on his left calf. Would you get a tattoo on a bet? I wouldn’t.

Well, Pineapple fans, I hope that your week has been a good one, and that your weekend is even better. Try to stay cool…I have a feeling we’re in for a record-breaking weekend. If you don’t have any friends with a pool, I highly suggest you get on that today.

You may be wondering where the pizza comes in….we had pizza for lunch. Minus the pineapple. Happy Friday!