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Hands & Holes & HOT! June 27, 2011

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Hey, there, Pineapple fans! It’s been an insanely busy week at Pineapple (as usual) but it was worth it when we kicked off the Hands & Holes Tournament of Compassion last Thursday at Forest Ridge.

Pineapple Hands, the non-profit sector of our company, has been able to help quite a few folks since its inception last year. But since we’d like to do even more for those who need assistance, we decided to host a fun golf tournament to raise some additional funds. And while it was a lot of preparation and a lot of work, it was a blast and definitely successful! A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers and players!

If you didn’t know, Thursday was HOT, with expected temps of 93 degrees. Now, we are used to much warmer weather than that, but it seems pretty hot when you’re in it all day. The Pineapple People and our wonderful volunteers arrived early to set up. We had plenty of signs to put out (thanks to Meeks Lithographics for donating all of our banners and signs!), tables to set up, Pineapple tee shirts to fold….and a million other tiny details. (Many thanks to Fox 23 for providing koozies for the players!)

Players began arriving around noon, and that’s when things really got busy. I was working registration, Jay was selling the “Pineapple Package” to our players, and Barlow was running the show, while our volunteers pitched in everywhere else! After registration, folks noshed on fajitas (yum! Thanks to the catering staff at Forest Ridge!) and enjoyed free chair massages before taking part in the putting contest. At 1 p.m., it was tee time!

In typical Pineapple fashion, we had some extras that you don’t normally see at golf tournaments. We had a popcorn machine with fresh popcorn available on the second hole, free drinks and candy bars during the tournament, and cotton candy afterward, not to mention the 12-foot inflatable pineapple on the course, which we used for team photos. (These will be emailed to you, players!) We also had live music throughout the day by Collin Campbell; he was amazing! You can check out his music page HERE.

After everyone was finished, we gave out some awesome prizes. The winner of our “poker run” was Brian Darnell, who received a stainless steel grill (you can invite us over for a cookout any time, Darnell!). One of the teams from Nelson Nissan was our overall winner, and each player took home a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Congratulations to Rodney Gist, Jeff Dorsey, Steve Mabee and Ben Beeler! We had three winners that received custom pineapple tiki mask trophies for “Closest to the Pin”, “Longest Drive” and “Straightest Drive.” Winners in those categories were our very own Jay Moore, Andy Bruner and Tara Secrest. Great job, guys and gal!

We also hosted a prize raffle, where we gave away a foursome to Forest Ridge (thanks, Lance!), a custom embroidered Pineapple golf pullover, and an embroidered golf shirt. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Overall, we had a fantastic day. Yes, it was hot, but the sun was shining and it wasn’t windy, so it was an ideal golf day. We would like to thank our sponsors and all who donated money and time:

Nelson Nissan, Car Country, Oklahoma Army National Guard

Meeks Lithographics, Forest Ridge, Fox 23, Lazalier Consulting, Collin Campbell

Dori G. Studios, Shelly Barlow, Shannon Devlin, Mason Briggs, John Norton, Jimmy Norton

We couldn’t have done it without you!

For all of you who were unable to participate this year, don’t worry: we’ll be back next summer with an even bigger and better tournament!


Is it really Friday?! June 17, 2011

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Well, it’s been one hell of a week, but we’ve made it to Friday. The Pineapple People have been sprinting at full speed all week, but we survived it, as we always do.

Travel time is kicking into high gear again; it’s that time of year, I supposed. Barlow was fortunate enough to receive a trip to the U.S. Open and a chance to play golf at a fancy golf course in Maryland (somehow related to the U.S. Open) from one of our media outlets. He had a wonderful time and is very thankful for the opportunity. He is getting home just in time to head to North Carolina on Sunday for a new production for Rogers Auto Group in Shelby. It will be a quick trip, and then Jay and Barlow are off to Alabama to visit our friends at Gilland Chevrolet GMC. It is definitely starting out as a busy summer for the Pineapple People! But you know us; that’s when we’re at our best. There are several more trips planned for the summer, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. That’s just for the next two weeks.

Jay had a positive experience this week: he got a new desk! Hooray for Jay and his new fancy workstation. We had a fun adventure shopping for this yesterday, where we encountered the worst salesperson on the planet. If she’s your grandmother, I apologize.
Has everyone seen the famous “riot kiss” photo? I actually hadn’t, just because I’ve been so unbelievably busy this week, I didn’t have any down time to peruse the Internet. But I just stumbled across it.

To me, it looks like something out of an action movie. Turns out, the couple went to the Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver. After a 4-0 Canucks loss, the city went wild…and not in a good way. The gal in the photo, Canadian Alex Thomas, was knocked to the ground by one of the policeman’s shields (rude!). Her date, Australian Scott Jones, immediately dropped to the ground to check on her. (See, chivalry isn’t dead!) Not to worry, Alex’s only injury is a bruised leg. The photograph was taken by a freelancer and turned into Getty Images, where it was instantly picked up by media outlets and social networking sites worldwide. If it were me, I’d get a framed wall portrait of that bad boy; it looks awesome!

Bad news for Rebecca Black fans…the video for “Friday” has been pulled from YouTube due to a legal dispute. I’m very sorry for your loss.

Well, Pineapple fans, I just got handed a few more items for my to-do list, so I’m going to sign off now. Have a wonderful weekend, celebrate your dads on Sunday, and I’ll see you next week! Remember, if you haven’t signed up to play in Hands & Holes next Thursday, it’s not too late!


Travel time! June 9, 2011

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Hey, there, Pineapple fans! It’s been a fairly quiet week at Pineapple, as far as excitement goes. Several Pineapples have been traveling, Barlow has been in creative mode, and I….well, I’ve been tackling a million different projects. I guess that’s what a Girl Friday does, though, right?

The production in New York City went very well. I was so relieved when the time arrived, as I have been dealing with Grand Central Terminal’s paperwork for weeks. I tell you what; I learned a lot about insurance! Actually, I’m still clueless, but I know who to call when dealing with insurance. That’s more honest. But everything went smoothly for our crew and our client, and our actor did a terrific job. Plus, Jay got to eat some NYC pizza, so I’m sure he’s happy about that. The gang will be back today, so I’m excited to hear all about it. Check out a photo from the shoot below.

Barlow has been churning out creative like a madman, which is good because June is shaping up to be an incredibly busy month for the Pineapples, with several productions coming up. I spent most of Monday booking travel; I hope the boys have their suitcases ready, because they will be hitting the road a lot in the next few weeks. So far we’ve got North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida on the calendar. Round that out with a few local events, productions and our golf tournament, and June will be one for the record books!

The golf tournament is coming along nicely, and it’s going to be FUN. So if you haven’t signed up in some capacity, what are you waiting for? Love to golf? Sign up a team! Play as a foursome or a twosome, whichever you prefer. Not much of a golfer, but want to have an entertaining day helping out a good cause? Sign up to volunteer! (I’ve volunteered for a few golf tourneys in my day, and it’s always a blast. Hanging out in the sun, visiting with everyone, making new friends, enjoying the festivities…what’s not to like?) Perhaps you’re not a golfer or the volunteering type…that’s okay, we are still in need of hole¬†sponsors. You’ll get credit, don’t worry. And remember, it’s all tax deductible. Come on, it’s for charity! If you are interested in helping, please send me an email at ashley@pickthepineapple.com.

As you all know, Southwest is the airline of choice for the Pineapple People. (Except Jay; he’s a little upset about their scheduling right now.) Our second choice is American Airlines, and that’s it. We hate Delta. All of us. And if you’re a fan of them, maybe you won’t be for long after hearing about their latest shenanigans. One of the reasons I like Southwest is the fact that bags fly free. If you’re traveling on a budget, you¬†can easily spend $100 on bags. That’s no fun. Delta charges $25 for your first checked bag, and $35 for your second. They have been allowing soldiers coming home from deployments to fly with three bags for free. How kind. But on Tuesday, a group of 34 Army soldiers coming home from Afghanistan were told that they could not fly with four bags free, as their military orders stated. Each soldier would have to pay the baggage fees, which was considerable for many of them. Like $200. A lot of them didn’t have credit cards, because they’ve been living in tents in Afghanistan. Not exactly a place where they need a Visa card. The unit ended up being charged about $2800 in baggage fees. The soldiers will be reimbursed, but from personal experience with the government, it will be a long while before they see that money. Two of the soldiers affected immediately made a video about the situation and posted it on YouTube. Yesterday, Delta decided to let soldiers check four bags. Way to go, Delta. I’m glad you can help, since they’ve been risking their lives for you and your freedom. And that is why Pineapple prefers Southwest. Or really, any other airline other than Delta. Watch the soldiers’ video below.

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to do some shopping and make final preparations for our Nelson Mazda production tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy Friday! Have a wonderful rest of the week, and we’ll talk next week!


Chocolate credit crunching? June 2, 2011

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Hey, hey, Pineapple fans! I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. The Pineapple People are all rested after having Monday off for Memorial Day, but then we spent Tuesday catching up. So in the grand scheme of things, it’s been fairly uneventful. But yesterday it got a little more interesting.

The boys had multiple meetings; I know of at least four client meetings plus two conference calls. I have been up to my ears in finalizing details for the shoot in New York City, which is NEXT WEEK! It seemed so far away, as things often do, and now it’ll be here before we know it. The guys are ready to descend on the Big Apple, and did I mention that I’m jealous? New York is one of my favorite cities in the world, but I guess someone has to stay behind and guard the fort. Who’s in charge of that? This girl. I’ve been dealing with excessive amounts of paperwork (those folks at Grand Central Terminal need a lot of info!) but I’ve gotten it all finalized. (I’m very glad that I don’t work in the insurance field; that’s definitely not for me. I’m happy there are other people in the world to take care of that for me. Cheers to insurance agents!)

The rest of the week promises to be busy, as well; Thursday and Friday are always crazy for me, personally. In addition, Adam is headed out on a much-deserved vacation, and of course, there is the big NYC trip next week. But as far as being busy goes, we’re used to it! Jake is on vacation, as well, so I guess I’ll be back to celebrating Fabuloso Friday by myself. (Unless Jay decides to pitch in and help!)

We have released some new commercials this week, which is always fun! Remember the Car Country shoot with the dancing Roger? Well…those spots are ready for viewing, so here goes! We had a lot of fun shooting these, and even though Rog was nervous, he ended up having some pretty slick moves. Way to go, Credit Cruncher!

And here is one more for you!

Now I’ve mentioned before how much I love cupcakes. And I really love chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate frosting, which potato chips on top. But over the weekend I was browsing the web and I ran across something even more amazing: Chocolate, Whiskey & Beer cupcakes. Yes. These are super chocolate-y, with Guiness and a Bailey’s filling. This just sounds too fantastic NOT to share! I haven’t made them yet, but they sound absolutely delightful. If you decide to make them, please bring me one. Get the recipe HERE.

It’s not too late to sign up to play in our charity golf tournament, Hands & Holes Tournament of Compassion! It’s going to be on Thursday, June 23, so get your clubs ready. We are also looking for hole sponsors and volunteers; if you are interested in helping or playing, please email me at Ashley@pickthepineapple.com. It’s for a great cause and it will be a lot of fun!

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to run some errands. Have a terrific day, and enjoy the rest of the week…the weekend is almost here! See you soon!