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Journey to Joplin May 27, 2011

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As you know, the Pineapple People are always looking for ways to assist others. That’s the reason that Pineapple Hands was born. Yesterday, we decided to take action and make the drive north to Joplin. I can’t begin to express how glad I am that we did.

Last Sunday, the community of 50,000 was destroyed by an EF-5 tornado; it’s the deadliest tornado in 60 years. The death toll currently stands at 132, with 156 people still listed as missing.

We thought that even though we are a small group of five people, maybe there is something we can do to help. Or maybe we can make someone smile or brighten a day.

We loaded our backpacks with movie candy (something sweet is always a nice treat) and coolers full of cold bottled water, parked the car, and started walking.

I cannot even begin to describe the devastation. I’m sure you’ve seen footage on television of the tragedy, but it does not even begin to describe the magnitude of the destruction. It’s absolutely indescribable. You can literally see for miles, and all that is visible are piles of what used to be people’s lives. I heard someone on the radio describe it as if King Kong had been there, and that is a fairly accurate description. The path is so long, and the damage is so widespread; you can’t picture it unless you see it in person and it’s in your face.

We did what we could; we simply walked and asked people if they needed help, whether it was searching for a particular item in the rubble, or moving a large piece of furniture. We offered everyone candy and water; so many people said, “Oh, thanks, we’re fine” until we mentioned the water was cold, and then they jumped at the chance. There are cases of water all over the city, many sitting on street corners in the heat. But cold water is hard to find. And since the entire city is under a “boil order”, which means any water used has to be boiled for at least three minutes, bottled water is really the only option. Even convenience stores that weren’t directly affected cannot serve any products using water, like tea, coffee or the soda fountain. We were pleased that offering such a small item like cold water was so happily accepted.

A few families asked us to help dig for a specific belonging. One family was searching for a small filing cabinet, which we found under a fallen wall. One elderly veteran was looking for an old wooden footlocker that contained his American flag; we didn’t have any luck with the box, but we did locate the flag. We actually helped one man find his wallet and keys, which is a miracle in itself, considering the mess we were digging through. And after handing over the keys, the man’s wife grinned, gestured toward the foundation of the house and said, “Should I lock up?”

We spoke to several individuals who rode out the storm; some were in basements, others in hallways or bathrooms, and one couple spent the terrifying minutes in the crawlspace under their house. The stories of the survivors are chilling, and they were all eager to share. The crawlspace family was trapped, and the man’s elderly father walked a mile through the rain and debris afterward to chop them out with an axe. One couple told us about their daughter who ran two miles to their home after the storm, in the rain and the dark, barefoot, wearing shorts. Upon arrival, she couldn’t tell them how she got there. Adrenaline was high, and shock was prevalent, but these folks are now facing reality and standing tall, doing whatever it takes to rebuild.

The spirit and determination of the town is one to be reckoned with. Several homes have hung American flags from whatever is left standing. Many have a good sense of humor, like those that have posted “For Rent” or “Garage Sale” signs on their property. We saw a car, upside-down and partially wrapped around a tree, that had been spray painted with the message: “For Sale, Cheap. Fixer-Upper.” Every home has been spray painted with names of insurance companies, messages that the family members are “OK” and if there is a gas leak within the home. A large X means that the home has been searched by the search and recovery teams. There is definitely something eerie and unsettling and very real about that. But next to those messages are ones that say things like, “God Bless Joplin” and “Down but Not Out.”

The citizens of Joplin have promised to rebuild their beloved community. The high school and hospital lay in ruins. Medical records from the hospital have been found up to 70 miles away. The majority of large businesses like Home Depot, Walmart and Academy are demolished beyond repair. And most of the homes have been destroyed, so much so that you can easily see from one end of town to the other, through the entire six-mile path that was left by the tornado.

A tornado is a finicky creature. I know that it’s wind, but something in my headwill always think of them as a live being; it just seems unreal that a weather pattern can cause so much complete destruction. There are entire houses that are gone, yet closets with clothes hanging in perfect order are still standing.  We saw two homes that had but one wall remaining, and that wall was covered in bookshelves, with all of the books still aligned. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the chaos.

We hope that although many of you are unable to travel to Joplin (or the recently affected communities in the Oklahoma City area), that you will still do your part to assist those in need. The smallest donation can make a difference to someone; donate a case of water (five bucks at Dollar General), some of your old clothing or toys, or buy some toiletries. There are many organizations that are gathering supplies; facebook is crawling with them. There are also several facebook pages for both regions that will let you know what is needed and where.

If nothing else, please take a moment to pray for those affected, for comfort and strength and perseverance. If you aren’t the praying type, some positive vibes will go a long way. Take a moment today to be grateful for what you have, for there are so many that have nothing.

To view the photos from our Joplin journey, please click HERE. I would like to add that in no way do I intend to offend anyone with the fact that I took photographs. I was intentionally discreet with taking them, as not to offend anyone. I truly feel that this is a positive way to share our journey, and to emphasize how much assistance those in the affected areas need. See you next week, Pineapple fans.


A tornado’s wrath…and rapture May 24, 2011

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Hey there, Pineapple fans. Well, it’s been a somber week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. Our neighbors in Joplin, Missouri, just 100 miles to the north, were devastated by a massive tornado on Sunday night. This is the deadliest tornado in our nation’s history, since a 1953 storm in Flint, Michigan. Last month we were all horrified by the destruction in the deep South, especially Alabama, when the region was struck by more than 300 tornadoes. Joplin was hit by just one, and 80% of the community is gone. This is all hitting a little close to home for us, since it’s just an hour and a half up I-44. We are currently working on a plan to pitch in with the relief effort.

California preacher Harold Camping has been saying that the Rapture was scheduled to happen last Saturday, and the end of days is coming soon. According to the Bible, it says that “No one knows the day or the hour.” Obviously the Rapture didn’t happen, but I’m starting to wonder if it says anything about tornadoes in the final chapters of the Bible. Because it seems that devastation to our country is coming in that form. That, and flooding.

Obviously, Camping was wrong, and now he’s backpedaling and saying that he made a mistake (ya think?) and Judgment Day is now scheduled for October 21. Somehow, I don’t think people will listen to him anymore. I bet his congregation is dwindling, too.

In the spirit of helping others, how about an update for our Hands & Holes Tournament of Compassion? The event will take place on Thursday, June 23, at Forest Ridge. This will be a tournament unlike any other you’ve ever seen! Pineapple plans are in full swing to make this the Best. Tournament. Ever. Planning a tournament is always a bit overwhelming at first, because there are a million (and one) details that we must attend to. We aren’t just going to hand you a free sleeve of balls and feed you a stale chicken breast…that doesn’t say “Pineapple”! This will be a day of fun that you won’t soon forget, we promise.

Here is a little background for you: Pineapple Hands is a non-profit sector of Pineapple Advertising. Since its inception in 2010, we have taken part in several projects aimed toward helping those in need. We collected donations for a family that lost everything in a house fire, we spent an afternoon helping an ill elderly lady with multiple chores around her home, and we did our part to give a struggling family the best holiday possible. In addition, we have taken trips to hospitals and assisted living centers to visit and generally spread cheer. Our goal is to help anyone who needs it, in any way we can. The idea behind Hands & Holes is to raise enough money to make it possible to help many more families. Every dollar raised will go toward helping those in need!

If you are interested in playing, volunteering or sponsoring the tournament, please contact me at Ashley@pickthepineapple.com.

Our area is facing severe weather this afternoon; let’s hope that it doesn’t come to fruition. Let’s also hope that the rain will diminish in Joplin; serious thunderstorms are hampering their rescue efforts. Have a good day, Pineapple fans, and we’ll talk soon.


One wild week! May 20, 2011

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Hello, and a happy Friday to you, Pineapple fans! It’s been an interesting week here at Pineapple HQ. As you probably know, the boys (Pineapples 1, 2 and 7) were all on the road this week. They did their favorite route of Nashville to North Carolina, and then back to T-town. It seems they got in a game of golf in Nashville, and visited with Chad from Nelson Mazda before flying east to Shelby, North Carolina. There they met up with Aimee from Rogers Auto Group and her mother, the lovely Momma Rita. As always, they had a wonderful time, but I know they were glad to get back home. Traveling can wear you out!

As for me, it was peaceful. And quiet. I got a lot of work done, and got to listen to country music all day long with nobody (Jay!) complaining.

But they hit Pineapple HQ running yesterday morning, because we had a LOT of stuff to do! Barlow started the morning early, with a breakfast meeting. Then he hurried to the office to meet with a potential client. (They started off the meeting by playing a quick round of foosball.)

After that, all of the Pineapples headed out for a lunch meeting. And THEN, we had another presentation for 3D Abs. Remember when we went to Fort Smith, Arkansas, a couple of months ago? We did the same thing again, but we hosted it at Pineapple HQ this time. And since we hosted it, we did it Pineapple-style! We served a delicious feast of fresh pineapple, strawberries, chocolate truffles and pina coladas.(Last time we had a fantastic barbecue feast, but this wasn’t at meal time, so we did something different!) Michael did a great job presenting his product, and the fitness models were fantastic.

Today promises to be another busy day; being out of the office always seems to make you feel behind, even if you’re working from the road. We’ve got meetings all day to go over everything that has been happening, and everything that’s coming up. Tomorrow we have a live event at Nelson Nissan, so we’ve got another busy day in store! Don’t forget to tune in to KJRH to watch during the 8 a.m. newscast!

Does anyone know who Leroy Fick is? Fick is the latest lottery winner to make headlines, and it’s not for being a gracious winner. Last June, Fick, who lives near Saginaw, Michigan, won $2 million on a lottery game show. What a lucky guy, right? Especially for someone who is on food stamps. Fick notified the appropriate government agency that he was on food stamps, but had won the money, and they said that since lottery winnings are considered “liquid assets,” he still qualified for assistance. So Fick, who has more than one million bucks in the bank, is using food stamps. Despite being under fire from the media and America in general, he’s shamelessly continuing to waste taxpayers’ money, saying, “If you’re going to try to make me feel bad, you aren’t going to do it.” Michigan is scrambling to correct the loophole, so that winnings will be considered for future food stamp applications. In the meantime, they’re sunk. What do you think about this? It seems that Fick is milking the system, and he doesn’t care, while there are plenty of people who truly do need assistance.

Well, Pineapple fans, have a wonderful weekend! Try to stay out of the rain, and we’ll talk next week!


Brownies and Big Macs May 17, 2011

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Hey there, Pineapple fans! If you’ve been keeping up with our facebook page, you know that it’s a very quiet week here at Pineapple HQ. Barlow, Adam and Jay are all on the road in Nashville, so I’m doing my best to hold down the fort here in T-town. While it’s definitely lonely, there are a few good things:

1.) I can listen to the radio instead of the MP3 player, and I can choose whichever station I want.

2.) If I want to eat leftover Chili’s for breakfast (which I did this morning), nobody is here to make fun of me.

3.) It’s just…peaceful.

But I will be glad when they get back. As you may guess, it’s hard to write about what’s going on in the office when it’s just me, as I’m not that interesting sitting here alone. So we’ll discuss something else. Let’s talk about food.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, and we went to dinner at Chili’s. Now, you may think that’s silly (my husband certainly did), but I had my reasons. Last year, on our first anniversary, we went all out with a hotel room and a fancy dinner at The Melting Pot. This year, since we’ve just purchased a house, we are more focused on practical purchases. In addition, I had a birthday coupon for a free brownie sundae at Chili’s that I was determined not to waste (who would want to?) and it expired yesterday. Besides, I like Chili’s. So Chili’s it was.

Since we were starving when we got there, we ordered an appetizer, which always turns out to be a mistake, especially if you’re planning on dessert. I made it about four bites into my dinner before I started getting full. So I did what any girl would do; I asked for a to-go box, and ordered my free dessert. My husband thought that was silly, too, but again…I have logic. I can’t exactly take ice cream home with me to eat later, so I may as well save my dinner and eat that for lunch (and breakfast) today. See? It all makes sense.

Now on another food note: a world record is being set today in Wisconsin, as 57-year-old Don Gorske eats his 25,000 Big Mac. Read that again if you need to; it’s not a typo. For 39 years, Gorske has eaten at least one, usually two, Big Macs per day; only eight days have passed since May 17, 1972, when he hasn’t eaten one. Shockingly, his cholesterol level is normal, and he isn’t obese by any means, weighing in at 180 pounds and standing 6’2″. The cause of the chronic Big Mac eating is most likely linked to Gorske’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, as he doesn’t like change. He often buys the burgers in bulk, then freezes and microwaves them for later meals. I’ve never eaten a burger from McDonald’s, but I can’t imagine they would taste that great after being frozen (again) and microwaved. Is there any meal that you could eat every single day and not get tired of? It’s hard to imagine.

Tomorrow is the third and final day of my loneliness, so I’m going to enjoy my radio station while I can. If you have any ideas of fun things I should be doing while the boys are gone, let me know! Talk to you soon!


Fabuloso Friday the 13th! May 13, 2011

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Happy Friday to all, Pineapple fans! It’s been an interesting week here at Pineapple HQ; it seems we’ve all been taking turns being out of the office this week, for one reason or another, whether it’s been vacation, illness, or extensive client meetings.

I missed one day this week due to being sick, Adam has had several appointments out of the office, Jay’s been on vacation, and Barlow has been spending a lot of time in client meetings. But today, on this cold and blustery Friday, we are all back at Pineapple HQ, as one big happy family. (I’m sure Jay would rather still be in Hawaii, but that’s too bad.) And now it’s Fabuloso Friday, so time to clean! And Jake chose today, of all days, to be at the state track meet. I bet he asked them to have it on a Friday so that he wouldn’t have to help clean. He’ll be forgiven if he brings back a gold medal or two.

This morning we all got together for a financial meeting over a delicious breakfast. (Thanks, Barlow!) We have been working hard to hammer out the perfect formula for our financial puzzle, so that it’s a well-oiled machine. I’ve got a calendar project to get busy on, and I know it’ll make life easier for Brock and me! And speaking of financials, the nice lady from the bank just came to fix my nifty remote scanner. I never have to go to the bank again! (Except when it breaks, which it did for a few days.) It is so choice; if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Happy Friday the 13th! This day can occur up to three times in one year, making it not so exciting, but this year it happens only once. The last time we celebrated this “unlucky” day was in August, and if you care to read about some superstitious facts, you can check out the Pineapple blog from that day HERE. Personally, I don’t hold much stock in the unluckiness of the day, but some famous figures in history certainly did. Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only avoided travel on Friday the 13th, but on the 13th of every month. Henry Ford refused to do business on that day. In addition, a lot of people refuse to drive, as Fridays are linked to a higher number of traffic accidents. However, this is likely due to the higher alcohol intake on Fridays, and there is no proof that there are more accidents on Friday the 13th than any other Friday.

It seems that Charlie Sheen and his “winning” attitude has stayed out of the spotlight recently, and plans are being made to replace him on “Two and a Half Men.” I saw on the news last night that the show’s creators were in talks with Hugh Grant about taking over Charlie’s role, and I thought, “No! How stupid.” Now I realize after some news this morning, that his actual character won’t be replaced, but a new one brought in, which may work out. Hugh Grant ended up passing on the deal, and now the rumor is out that Ashton Kutcher may take the part. Kutcher hinted on his Twitter page yesterday by tweeting “What is the square root of 6.25?” The answer?  Two and a half. It’s also floating around that Kutcher will receive one million per episode. Not too shabby. What do you think? Can Kutcher pull it off?

Well, I suppose it’s time for the Pineapple People to get their cleaning pants on. Have a fabuloso Friday, and we’ll talk next week!


Hands & Holes May 9, 2011

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Hello, Pineapple fans! I hope you haven’t been having withdrawals at your lack of recent Pineapple updates. Remember, even though our blog may be slowing down, you can always check our facebook page to stay up-to-date on what we’re doing, as well as frequent random thoughts.

Last week was a busy one for the Pineapples. We had a production for Car Country on Wednesday, and it was a lot of fun. Adam, Barlow and I were all on set, as well as seven dancers and the Credit Cruncher (of course). The dancers put together an awesome dance routine, and the Credit Cruncher got to show off his smooth dancing moves. He was a little nervous, but he did a fantastic job. To see all the photos from the shoot, please click HERE.

I have been booking a lot of travel recently. As I mentioned last week, the boys are heading to New York City next month to shoot a commercial at Grand Central Terminal, which will be a terrific experience. They’d better take a lot of photos and keep us all updated! Jay will be heading back to the Big PINEapple in July to attend a conference, so I’ve been learning a lot about airfare and hotels in New York!

But before that, the guys will head east to do some client visiting in Tennessee and North Carolina. They will leave this weekend, so they have plenty to do this week before they go out of town. Seems like next week will be a quiet one at Pineapple HQ!

We are pleased to announce the first Pineapple Hands golf tournament, Hands & Holes Tournament of Compassion. The goal of Pineapple Hands is to assist those who are down on their luck, for whatever reason, and need a helping hand. We have had several successful projects since the inception of Pineapple Hands last year, and we are eager to do more. With your help, and this tournament, we will have the ability to help many more who are in need. This legendary event will be held on Thursday, June 23, at Forest Ridge in Broken Arrow. In true Pineapple style, this won’t be a boring golf tournament! It will be unique, creative and tons of fun, so start gathering your team today. If you are interested in signing up, please let us know via facebook, or send me an email to ashley@pickthepineapple.com. If you would like me to send you the invitation (below) via email, please let me know! We look forward to hearing from you!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and that you got your mom something nice…or at least a card! I always thought Mother’s Day was a made-up Hallmark holiday, but I learned yesterday that is has been celebrated in Greece since ancient times, and has been around in the United States since the late 1800s, and officially became a national holiday in 1914, when it was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. The woman who is given credit for achieving the national status of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, later became so upset by the commercialization of the day, that she spent several years and most of her inheritance fighting the holiday she helped to create. I suppose this is a fine example of “Be careful what you wish for.” Father’s Day has a similar beginning, dating back to 1910. Hmm. Who knew?

Pineapple fans, have a marvelous Monday, and we’ll talk soon!


Traveling Tuesday May 3, 2011

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Hey, Pineapple fans, and a happy Tuesday to you! The sun is shining, and I hear it’s fairly warm out, so that makes for a great day in my book.

Today has been incredibly busy. We kicked off the morning with our weekly staff meeting, and as usual, we had a lot of ground to cover. I am frantically working on final plans for the Car Country production tomorrow; it’s going to be a crazy production day, which I love. The Credit Cruncher is always fun to work with, as well as all of the great folks at Car Country. We have a lot of people involved in the shoot, so it should be a good time. Stay tuned to our facebook page tomorrow for updates and photos from the set!

I also booked travel arrangements for New York City today, for when the guys head to the Big PINEapple in June. I’m still so jealous! They better take lots of photos for all of us left behind. We are hammering out the final details with the people at Grand Central, so we should be good to go very shortly. This is going to be a spectacular production! And hopefully the guys will get to take at least a little bit of time to see the city. I know Jay has dreams of watching his beloved Yankees play, and Barlow wants to check out a few places, too.

I heard a disturbing piece of info on the news last night: gas prices are expected to reach $4 per gallon by the end of this week. This is NOT good news, especially for someone like me with an ancient, gas-guzzling SUV. I have plans to fill my tank today, so you may want to follow suit. Thirteen states are already paying this price; Oklahoma is always one of the cheapest, so that’s depressing. On a similar note, scooter prices for the first quarter of 2011 have risen almost 50% from last year; I can certainly believe it! In addition, motorcycle sales have risen more than 7% since last year. I’d love to have a scooter, but I’m too chicken for that. In the meantime, I’ll just suffer through the rising gas prices like everyone else. Sure wish I drove a Prius right about now.

There has been a lot of talk since the death of bin Laden about the White House releasing proof of his death, namely, a photo of his body. From what I’ve read, the White House bigwigs, including President Obama, are in serious discussion mode involving a photo release. The general consensus of Americans is that we want actual proof that he’s gone to ensure this isn’t just a massive political coverup to boost Obama’s presidential ratings. On the other hand, the photo is bound to be disturbing and disgusting, being that he was shot multiple times, one of them in the eye. With the immediate burial at sea, there is no longer any way to tell if he’s gone or not. I, along with many others, agree with the burial at sea, since this reduces the likelihood of a shrine built to the terrorist leader. What do you think? Would you want to see a photo of the body? Oh, and just a heads up, in typical facebook fashion, there is already a virus going around, or that’s what I’m guessing. Since I really doubt a girl I went to high school with is privy to the unreleased photo. So if you receive a post on your wall, a message, or a chat message, or all three (like I did) with a “photo” of dead Obama that will leave you “speechless”, I wouldn’t click on it.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow!