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Free Cake Friday! April 29, 2011

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Happy Friday, and happy Royal Wedding Day, Pineapple fans! I know some of you woke up and watched it live…admit it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I plan on watching the coverage when I get home from work this afternoon. And if you’re in the Tulsa area, you can stop by Merritt’s Bakery today and pick up a free slice of cake! Maybe I should do that in addition to my scones…it’s not every day a Royal Wedding happens, right? I wonder if the Merritt’s cake looks anything like the royal cake does:

It’s been a busy Friday morning so far at Pineapple HQ. Jay is out of the office today, as he is flying to west Texas to speak to a group of legal professionals on the art of social media. Thank goodness for technology; he can’t escape from us that easily! I told him to go visit the scene of the Baby Jessica well site catastrophe, but he wasn’t making any plans to do so.

Tomorrow is Jake’s birthday, and we had big plans to have a lunch for him, but due to all of the craziness happening today, we are postponing until next week. I hope he forgives us! We’ve got three Pineapple birthdays in the next 16 days…hopefully that means three fun lunches! Jake’s is more of a milestone, though, being that it’s his 18th, and Jay and I are just marking one more year of the 30s. We still deserve lunch, though, right?

Barlow and I just wrapped up a conference call with our client CreditPoint Software, in regard to their upcoming production. It’s official; the Pineapple People are heading to the Big Apple! I’m incredibly sad that I don’t get to go, since I adore New York City, but someone has to stay behind and hold down the fort. Jay and Barlow will head up the production, and it’s going to be amazing! The shoot will take place at Grand Central Terminal; if you’ve never been there, it’s truly a gorgeous place. The fact that it has been featured in so many movies and television shows is really neat; the Pineapples are in the big leagues now. The production will take place in June, so I’m really kicking into high gear now with travel arrangements, and dealing with the nice folks at Grand Central. They have been very kind and helpful so far, which makes my job much easier. And I was thrilled to see that Pineapple’s favorite airline, Southwest, begins service to LaGuardia the very day we are planning to fly in. It’s fate, I tell you.

Last night was a sad one for fans of “The Office”, as we said goodbye to Michael Gary Scott, the most over-the-top, ridiculous, clueless and kindhearted boss on television. I was glad it was an extended episode (52 minutes), and I was very sad to see it end. Yes, I cried. I don’t cry during movies (because I know they’re fake) and yet I welled up in the final scenes of the farewell episode. How pathetic can I get? At least there are still three more episodes left of the season; it won’t be the same without Michael, though.

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to take care of a few things. Have a fabulous Friday, and I’ll see you on Monday!


Tuscaloosa Tragedy April 28, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans, and a happy SUNNY Thursday to you! We are definitely due for a warm, sunny day, and it’s perfect timing, leading into the weekend. Of course, it’ll probably pour all weekend long, because that’s just the way it goes.

Now that we’re finally having decent weather, our neighbors to the southeast are not so fortunate. Reports of 137 tornadoes were received from the region by the NWS Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Alabama was especially hard hit, with a reported death toll so far of 131. One of the worst areas struck was Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama. I spoke to my friend in Birmingham this morning, and she said they were without power, like one million others, and their neighborhood is full of broken trees and destruction, but they are fine. Deaths have also been reported in Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi and Georgia. More than 2000 National Guard troops have been activated to assist with rescue and recovery. If you would like to donate to the relief fund, please text “Red Cross” to 90999. Thanks to Pineapple friend Geoff for sharing this video of the tornado in Tuscaloosa. It helps put it a bit more in perspective.

As you know, it’s been a slightly crazy week for the Pineapple People. We are in full production preparation mode this week. Our largest project right now is the upcoming shoot at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. As expected, it’s not as easy as it sounds; there are a lot of details to work out, as well as writing the script and finding the perfect talent. We are also working hard on next week’s Car Country commercial starring the Credit Cruncher. This one is pretty detailed as well, but it’s happening locally, thank goodness!

So tomorrow is Royal Wedding Day! As you may know, I’m beyond excited about this. I won’t go so far as others, though, and skip work for the festivities. I’ve got it all set to record on my DVR, and I will be perfectly content to watch it when I get home from work tomorrow. I do plan on stopping off at Panera on my way home and picking up some scones to eat while I watch this magical moment unfold. It’s funny, though; the internet is full of stories about Americans who are planning on calling in sick and hosting elaborate watch parties, featuring British snacks, Union Jack party favors, plenty of costume jewelry and of course, British accents. All I want is a scone and my couch; that’s all I need. I may put on some pearls. So what do you think about the festivities? Will you record it? Watch it live? Or skip it altogether?

Have a terrific Thursday, Pineapple fans! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Winning Wednesday? We’ll see! April 27, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! We’ve successfully made it to the halfway point of the week, or “hump day” as it’s also called, but I hate that particular word, so I will never use it again. I don’t have a reason for it; you know how sometimes you just don’t care for particular words? Or is that just me?

We’ve got another busy day ahead at Pineapple HQ. Jay is working on the Pineapple website, making sure it’s completely up to date with our latest commercials. Adam is diving headfirst into a co-op project (that’s a car dealership thing) and that will keep him busy for a while. I have plenty of planning to take care of for our upcoming productions. I’m on task today to find a new screenprinter for some tee shirts (I actually have one in mind that I would like to use, but they opened 17 minutes ago and aren’t answering the phone!), book final travel arrangements for the boys’ SEC Country journey next month, and get in touch with one of the train stations that I’ve been dealing with. Oh, and I’m also looking for a very specific type of actor. I definitely have plenty on my plate for the day!

So in the midst of all this work, I have been bound and determined to win $1000 from one of our local radio stations. They are running a contest in which they play a “Secret Sound” three times per day and if you’re the 10th caller and you answer correctly, you win 1000 bucks. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. For the past couple of days, I have known the Secret Sound, and I have been trying like a maniac to get through, to no avail. I tried the first two times yesterday, and missed the final chance. And of course, that is the time that someone got it right. And I knew it. I was briefly disappointed, until I heard the new sound this morning. And I actually knew it! I tried desperately to get through, and heard nothing but a busy signal in response. When I got to work, I grabbed my camera to check something…I actually have the sound recorded on my camera from a few months ago. So nobody call me at 11:30, because I will be on the phone, trying to get through to the radio station. My co-workers keep laughing at me, but I don’t care. Everyone needs a dream, and my dream is to win $1000. Besides, it’s Administrative Professionals Day, and I think my role as Girl Friday falls under that umbrella. That means they should be nice to me today! Don’t you agree? So if anyone knows any secret tricks to getting through to radio stations, I would love to know. I’m going to call from my office landline phone, because it’s easier to hit redial that way. And no, that’s not abuse of office property…is it?

On the national advertising front, insurance giant Aflac has found a new voice for their spokesduck. Incredibly annoying comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired from the gig after tweeting insensitive comments about the disaster in Japan earlier this year. Aflac launched a nationwide search for the perfect voice, and found a winner in 36-year-old Minnesota sales manager Daniel McKeague. I’m sure McKeague is excited, because I’m betting he’ll get a hefty paycheck. The new commercial premiered last night; I think it’s pretty cute.

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to call the screenprinter again. And you can bet I’ll be making several calls at 11:30 a.m…..wish me luck! See you tomorrow!


Tornado Tuesday April 26, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! Dare I say it…the sun is shining! I don’t want to say that too loudly and scare it away, but I’m excited; it’s been so long since we’ve seen it!

We’re in for another busy day at Pineapple HQ, as always. Today is our weekly staff meeting, when we will go over all of the updates from the past week on each client. It always takes quite a bit of time, but it’s usually productive. (Just kidding…it’s always productive!) We have quite a few projects in the works, like the train station shoot that’s coming (who knew there were so many rules for filming in a train station?), new Car Country production, SEC trip, and the new Nelson Nissan campaign. We’ve got plenty in the pipeline to keep us busy, especially when it comes to production; there are always tons of logistical items to work through.

It’s a busy day for Adam, as he prepares to jump into May. He always has a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming month, to ensure that all of his buys are complete and accurate in each market. He deals with multiple Account Executives from numerous stations, so he has a lot on his plate.

This is the second full week of the Gilland Chevrolet GMC Trade Spot campaign in Ozark, Alabama, and all is going well there. Did you see our commercials for them? Here is one of them!

Today is another somewhat somber day in Oklahoma history. On this day in 1991, several towns in Oklahoma were struck by multiple tornadoes. I have vivid memories of this, as my middle school (Oologah-Talala) bore the brunt of the storm. Fortunately, the storm came around 9:30 p.m., so classes weren’t in session, and this was a blessing, since $10.5 million worth of damage was done to the school alone. Our new bus barn was demolished, with most of the fleet ending up in a creek a half mile away. The rest of the buildings were absolutely demolished, netting us an extra month of summer vacation. The damage was caused statewide by a series of F-4 tornadoes that ultimately damaged 180 homes, 30 barns, four airport hangars, seven airplanes, a fire truck and a Girl Scouts Camp at John Zink Ranch. Four people were killed, and at least 61 injured. But the community of Oologah rebuilt the school into a masterpiece of education; we were rewarded the next year with brand-new buildings and materials. (And buses.) It just goes to show that Oklahoma’s spirit cannot be destroyed.

Tornado season is upon us once again, as witnessed by the two deaths by storm in southeastern Oklahoma on April 14, the devastation in North Carolina from the same storm, and the extensive damage to the St. Louis airport last Friday. Remember to have a plan on where you and your family will hide in case of a tornado. Stay on the lowest floor possible, in an exterior room, like a closet or bathroom. It’s a good idea to have bottled water, non-perishable food (think beef jerky) and a radio with batteries in case of power failure. If you’re in a mobile home, get OUT and go somewhere else. If the meteorologists tell you to take cover, it’s a good idea to listen. Don’t go outside to check out the storm, like so many Okies are known to do. Nothing good will come of it, I promise.

But it doesn’t look like any storms are coming today; it still looks beautiful outside! I’m off to make some travel arrangements, so I’ll see you tomorrow, Pineapple fans!


It’s raining, it’s pouring…. April 25, 2011

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Well, it’s another one of those days that definitely feels like a Monday. It’s gray, rainy, haily (I think I just invented a word) and dreary. It’s been pouring and storming all weekend. I’m over it.

This morning, a nice lady from our bank came over to install a super-cool remote scanning machine, so that I don’t have to go to the bank all the time. This machine is supposed to be magnificent and make my life a hundred times easier. Except…after spending two hours at my computer, it wouldn’t work. She assured me that that’s not normal procedure, so I guess the fact that my computer is a freak is supposed to make me feel better. She’ll come back later this week for round two. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to make bank runs.

After that, I got busy making travel plans for the boys; they’re off on another adventure soon! They’re headed back to SEC Country for a client check-up visit. And for the first time, Southwest kind of irritated me. Well, their website did. I’m booking, booking, booking away without a hitch, and then I get an “undefined error” message that tells me to start over. So I did, and received the same message again. On and on, until I suddenly get bombarded with email confirmations for Barlow….four of the exact same flight. Oops.

I also tried to load my stapler for the first time and apparently I’m not smart enough to do that, because it won’t work now. Even Adam couldn’t figure it out! Oh, Monday, Monday! Hey, the good news is, it’s stopped raining!

The Pineapple People have a long list of things to do this week. We are working on finalizing details for our train station shoot in a few weeks, and we also have a new Car Country production coming up next week, not to mention the SEC trip in mid-May. We also have a trip to New York City on the books for July, and I guarantee plenty more events will come up before then. We also nailed down dates for two Pineapple golf tournaments last week. It’s definitely going to be a busy summer, from what I can see.

Did everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, minus the crummy weather? If you’re still battling a tummy ache after inhaling too many jelly beans and chocolates, take heed of what I’m about to tell you! First, you can freeze it. Chocolate freezes well, and sometimes even tastes better. (One idea suggested from the web is frozen crumbled Robin’s Eggs over ice cream.) Or you can melt your chocolate bunnies and use the delicious goo to make a sundae or your own fondue.  Got leftover Peeps? Make some colorful s’mores! Or, as they’re known in THIS RECIPE, S’meeps! They’re cute, at least.

At the White House, the Easter celebration is still going strong, as the Obamas hosted the annual White House Easter Egg Roll today. Doesn’t that sound like some type of sushi? The tradition began in 1878 and has become a favorite. All 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C., are represented in the event, which is highlighted by the rolling of hard-boiled eggs across the South Lawn. All four of the Obama were on hand, both participating and cheering. Other aspects of the day included a cooking demonstration for kids with Al Roker and Kelly Ripa, singing by Colbie Caillat, and professional athletes hanging out at the basketball and tennis courts. Sounds a bit more extravagant than my Easter, that’s for sure! A record 30,000 people showed up at the White House this year…can you imagine?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, Pineapple fans! Try to stay dry, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Happy Earth Friday! April 22, 2011

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We’ve made it to Friday, Pineapple fans! And what a Friday it is….green screen shoot, Good Friday, Earth Day…so many fabulous things are happening!

Let’s start with Earth Day, shall we? Today is the time to think about saving the world; carpool, drive less (this is foremost on a lot of minds, considering we are facing $4 per gallon gas prices), recycle, grow your own food, make your own clothes, compost, et cetera. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at all of these things. I’ve always meant to recycle, but it just seems like a time-sucking chore. There, now I sound lazy. Does anyone have any tips on how to start recycling?

One thing that is small, yet helpful (to the earth AND your electric bill) is unplugging appliances when not in use. A lot of appliances will continue to suck power even when turned off, and they’re known as “vampire appliances.” A few culprits are cable boxes, computers, modems, cordless phones and clocks. Obviously, it makes more sense to leave your clock plugged in. But think about keeping your computer turned off when not in use, at least. Or your toaster…how often do you use that, anyway? And of course, be sure to “outen the light” when you’re not in the room. Every little bit helps! Not only are you helping Mother Earth, you can also save about 10% on your monthly electric bill if you keep a lot of items unplugged.  Want some more ideas on helping out our planet?

1.) Hook your bike to a blender…seriously. With a few spare parts, you can hook an old bicycle up to a generator that can power most appliances, from a blender to a washing machine to a laptop. There’s a book called The Human-Powered Home that can help you. It’s also a great way to get some exercise, although I don’t know how well you could type on a laptop while riding a bike.

2.) Don’t mow…as often. Wait until grass is four inches high before your first mow; after that, set your mower at three inches. You could also buy a goat, or be like me and have a giant dog that looks like a cow that enjoys grazing.

3.) Use your dishwasher. You’d think washing by hand would save energy, but it actually wastes more water. Be sure to fill the dishwasher completely, though, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

4.) Va-va-vinegar! Personally, I love vinegar. I like to use it in cooking, I love eating balsamic vinegar and salt & vinegar chips, I’ve bathed my skunked dog in it, I’ve gotten rid of ants with it. (My husband hates it.) It’s truly a terrific cleanser, though, and very eco-friendly. Mix one part vinegar with nine parts water and use it to clean just about any surface. And rather than using plug-in or spray air fresheners, place a small bowl of vinegar in a room to deodorize.

5.) Keep car windows open. If you’re like me, with a gas-guzzling SUV and a long commute, this can be helpful. If you’re driving under 45 mph, turn the air conditioner off and roll the windows down; this can really reduce your fuel consumption.

Websites all over the world (wide web) are celebrating Earth Day. Check out Google today; they’ve got a fun interactive doodle on the homepage. Starbucks is also celebrating Earth Day; if you visit any location and bring your own reusable mug, you’ll get a free brewed tea or coffee! Don’t have a mug? Not to worry, Starbucks is selling theirs at 20% off today. Thanks, Starbucks! Also, if you’d like to look stylish and help the environment, try checking out Simple Shoes at www.simpleshoes.com; their products are made from recycled materials. And they won’t break the bank. Just ask Jay, he’s wearing some now!

Today is also Good Friday, which means two more days until Easter. We decided to have a little fun this morning at Pineapple HQ…

And with that, have a fabulous Friday, a swell Saturday and an excellent Easter. I’ll see YOU on Monday.


Maundy Thursday April 21, 2011

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It’s Thursday, which means one thing. Tomorrow is Fabuloso Friday! (You’ll be glad to know that last Friday I actually did use some Fabuloso, so the name is not in vain.) It’s been a busy week for the Pineapple People, and it’s not over yet. We have a staff meeting at lunch, a potential client meeting this afternoon, a green screen shoot tomorrow and a live event at Nelson Nissan on Saturday. We have quite a bit to get through before our weekend begins!

The live event will be a lot of fun on Saturday! Our host, Jeff Lazalier, will be on hand with the Easter bunny, live on KJRH from Nelson Nissan. We will be on during the commercial breaks in the morning newscast, between 8 and 10 a.m. Not only is it fun to watch, they will be offering some fantastic deals on pre-owned vehicles, but you have to watch to find out the scoop. Be sure to tune in, or even come by and see the Easter bunny! (I promise he’s nice – we know him! But I’m not telling you who it is!)

Remember when the Pineapples made plans to  travel to Nashville for production, and then it snowed? And then the guys went up there, and it rained, causing another cancellation? Well, trip number three was the charm, and the spots are now finished! I posted two yesterday on our facebook page, and I’ll post the remaining spots today. The campaign is called Spirit Rider, and is designed to showcase the spirit of Nashville and Nelson Mazda. “It’s got a fast vibe and a slow roll.” The spots turned out great…I’ve posted my favorite below. Check out the rest of them on the Pineapple page and let us know which one is your favorite!

Today is Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. Of all the days of Holy Week, this is by far the most somber, as it marks the betrayal of Jesus before the crucifixion. Church services for Maundy Thursday often include the ritual of feet-washing and a special communion. Tomorrow is Good Friday,  which is the Christian commemoration of Jesus’ Passion story; specifically his betrayal, trial and crucifixion that are described in the Christian gospels.

Many Christians also mark Good Friday by participating in or watching processions meant to replicate the journey that Jesus took through the streets of Jerusalem while carrying his cross to the site of his crucifixion at Calvary. Two of the largest and most famous of these occasions are Rome’s Way of the Cross that leads to the Colosseum and is presided over by the Pope and the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem — a procession along the traditionally marked route of Jesus that is attended by thousands of pilgrims each year. If you’re Catholic, you’re most likely fasting tomorrow. As with all other Fridays during Lent, meat is forbidden. It’s recommended that only one full meal with two smaller meals are eaten. The use of other meat-based products such as lard, chicken broth or dairy is not traditionally forbidden, although many individuals elect to make their Good Friday meals entirely vegetarian or vegan. And then…Sunday is Easter, which is a much more joyous celebration.

Do you have any interesting Easter traditions? Here is one question that I have: I know that the Easter bunny is a non-religious symbol of the holiday, and he brings eggs, hence all of the Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets for the kiddos. But why eggs? What possible correlation is there between a rabbit and an egg? Can someone please explain this to me?

Happy Easter, everyone! If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it, and if not, I’ll see you tomorrow!