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After the Academy Awards February 28, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s shaping up to be another busy day here at Pineapple HQ. I came in bright and early to get some quiet working time in; there’s something peaceful about the office when nobody else is here. I also got Pineapple HQ clean and sparkling, so it looks nice to start off the week. When everyone comes in, that’s when things kick into high gear and start getting crazy. It’s the end of the month, so that’s always a busy time for Brock and me as far as billing is concerned. And in addition to billing, I’m working on Adam’s travel schedule for this week. He will be hitting several different towns in Tennessee, visiting multiple clients, and it’s always a challenge to fit all the pieces together perfectly.

This morning we are meeting to discuss strategy for our newest client, Gilland Chevrolet GMC in Alabama. Adam and Jay are diving headfirst into market research so they can continue their super media buying skills in the new area. Barlow is churning out some new creative for them, as well as for several other clients. And I…well, I’m telling you about it, among other things! Don’t worry, I have plenty to keep me busy…that’s how Mondays are!

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? I didn’t; does that make me a bad person? I just scanned over the list of winners to see what I missed. It took me about two minutes, so I feel pretty good about not spending three hours (or more?) watching the ceremony. The King’s Speech had a great night, winning Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth), and Best Director (Tom Hooper). I haven’t seen it (mainly because I chose not to) but I’m sure it’s a terrific picture. I do like Colin Firth, except I only see him as Mark Darcy from the Bridget Jones movies.

I am very excited for Natalie Portman, winner of Best Actress for Black Swan. Now I want to see it even more! I’ve always loved her, even in random indie movies that nobody has ever heard of. And of course I liked her in Where the Heart Is; it’s one of my favorite books. I think she’s a fantastic actress, and she just seems really genuine. Maybe she’s a terrible beast of a person, but she doesn’t seem like it. Engaged, pregnant, and an Oscar. What a great year she’s having!

The Social Network was so buzzed about, and it didn’t come out a winner, not as much as expected. It did pick up Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Original Score. I thought it was a good movie, but not Best Picture material. Obviously the Academy agreed with me. Jesse Eisenberg did a wonderful job as Mark Zuckerberg, though.

Apparently the big mess of the evening was James Franco, a co-host and also a nominee for Best Actor. I thought that James and Anne Hathaway would be a fun team, but I guess it was a flop, and the audience was begging for Billy Crystal to come back. James admitted that he didn’t spend time rehearsing like he should have, only flying in on the weekends, after taking classes at Yale during the week. But by all accounts, the duo was “on fire” during rehearsals. So what happened? I didn’t watch, but read that James was incredibly distracted and kept playing with his cell phone, and that Anne tried really hard, but was extremely nervous. Wouldn’t you be? I love the fact that Anne Hathaway was unknown until her first film, The Princess Diaries, was released in 2001. Now, 10 years later, she’s hosting the Academy Awards. I think that’s pretty neat. One fun fact about Anne is that she was originally cast as the female lead in Knocked Up, but was replaced with Katherine Heigl because she didn’t want to show live birth footage to give the illusion she was in labor.

Well, Pineapple fans, my to-do list is growing longer by the minute, so I’m signing off. I’ll see you tomorrow!


Freezing Fabuloso Friday February 25, 2011

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Happy freezing Fabuloso Friday, Pineapple fans! Well, I guess it’s not technically freezing, since it’s a whopping 32 degrees this morning. The north wind definitely isn’t helping the situation. But we will stay nice and warm here at Pineapple HQ today. First, I think we are all going to lie under Barlow’s desk next to his space heater. Then, we’ll have plenty to do as we watch Jake clean the office this afternoon. We’ll be cheering him on, so that should get the blood pumping!

We have lots to do today as we wrap up the work week. Barlow is putting the finishing touches on some new creative for a couple of clients, both potential and current. The new commercials for Nelson Mazda are nearly complete, too, and I’m really excited to see them. It’s always fun to be at the production and watch it being filmed, and then seeing the finished product. Of course, I’m very impatient, so that makes the waiting even worse. We have been hard at work on our new Bip It project…we will introduce you to Bip soon. He will be worth the wait, trust me!

Tomorrow we are hosting another live event at Nelson Nissan to celebrate National Auto-Trader Day. This is going to be a huge event, and we are pumped about it. Our host will be Jeff Lazalier, and we’ve got a terrific promotion going on, where you can get up to $2000 more for your trade. Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. on KJRH to see what’s shaking in Broken Arrow.

On a personal note, I had a bit of excitement last night. If you keep up with our facebook page, you know that my husband and I closed on our first house a couple of days ago. We decided to go buy paint last night and drop it off at the new place. Unfortunately, our electricity isn’t turned on until today, but we took a couple of flashlights and figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, since we were just going to pop in for a minute. We were there for about ten minutes and as we were leaving, a police car pulled up. Oops. It turns out that one of the neighbors knew the house was vacant and was concerned about the flashlight activity. After explaining the situation and running our driver’s licenses, he let us go. What a welcome to the neighborhood! We can’t figure out if our neighbors are incredibly nosy or just very vigilant. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I’m hard at work today on travel plans again. Adam is already scheduled to go to Nashville next week, and now we have had some developments come up, so we are extending his trip so he can visit with a few clients. That means I get to plan another of those crazy agendas where all the pieces have to fit just right. I love doing it; it’s a fun challenge for me. I figure I could always have a side job as a travel agent, if I needed it. I am just waiting on the final meetings to be scheduled so I can start arranging flights and hotels. I’m relieved that Southwest flies to Tennessee, so I don’t have to worry about any of those “other” airlines. I’m also glad that Southwest is opening up service to South Carolina, which means we’ll hardly have to use any other airline at all! Sigh. I wish Southwest would just fly everywhere. Don’t they know they are the official airline of Pineapple Advertising? That should count for something.

Well, I’m beginning to think I’m psychic. Yesterday I told you that Charlie Sheen could be on the verge of trouble with the producers of Two and a Half Men, and boy, is he ever. Late yesterday, CBS announced that production for the hit sitcom is being halted for the remainder of the season. They had four episodes left to shoot, with filming resuming next week. They’ve had it with Charlie’s antics. And last night, Charlie ranted on a radio, bashing everything from his boss to Alcoholics Anonymous. Um, I hate to break it to you, Mr. Sheen, but even if you do make $2 million a week, it’s never wise to bash your boss, especially in public. You’re not invincible. What I thought was ironic was his quote, “And if you’re part of my family, I will love you violently.” He had domestic violence charges filed against him in 2010, after putting a knife to his wife’s throat. Does he love her because she’s a part of his family? Or does he love her…violently? I’m pretty sure Charlie Sheen’s career is about over; he probably doesn’t need any money, though, considering his paycheck. Listen to part of Sheen’s radio interview from last night HERE. He’s beginning to sound a lot like Mel Gibson…

Remember, Pineapple fans, don’t ever call your boss a “worm” or a “contaminated little maggot.” Bad things will happen. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend….and don’t forget to watch KJRH in the morning!


Tornadoes and Top Model February 24, 2011

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Happy Thursday, Pineapple fans! It’s a completely yucky day outside, and guess what? We might have a tornado later on! Just one of the many benefits of living in Oklahoma aka Tornado Alley. I’m not concerned; all of the terrible storms in history have hit during late April and early May. I’m no meteorologist, but I’m hoping I’m right on this. Barlow is going to be miserable, especially after being in sunny Panama City Beach for the past few days! He’s definitely a sunshine-lover.

We’ve got plenty of irons in the fire at Pineapple HQ. We’re doing some updating on the Pineapple website (check it out HERE), we are starting work on our newest client, Alabama’s Gilland Chevrolet GMC, and we are gearing up for a couple of productions in Nashville and South Carolina. We also have a few more potential client meeting on the books. Our newest Pineapple, Jay, is jumping in headfirst as our new Account Relations Director. March is looking to be as busy as February, which is fantastic. I see lots of travel in the future!

Do we have any Two and a Half Men fans? I’m not a religious viewer, but I’ve seen quite a few episodes, so I, like many others, are wondering how in the world Charlie Sheen is still a) alive and b) the highest paid actor in all of television. CBS is finally getting fed up with the actor’s antics, including multiple rehab and hospital stays, incidents of domestic abuse and who knows what else. Every time Sheen ends up in trouble, the show’s production is impacted. Our media buyer Adam can appreciate the fact that a 30-second spot that airs during Men costs about $200,000, generating $3 million per episode. The network certainly doesn’t want to put all of their eggs into the basket that is Charlie Sheen. Rumors are swirling about possibly replacing Charlie Sheen, but I just don’t see that working. Sure, it worked when Becky was replaced on Roseanne, and even when Darren was traded on Bewitched, but Sheen is the star of the show. He’s a BIG name. He’s been around forever. An insider said that the show could replace Charlie and possibly even grow as a result. I’m glad they’re more optimistic than I am. But even if CBS isn’t 100% behind Charlie, his famous father and brother are. Martin Sheen said they wouldn’t treat him any differently if he had cancer, so why should they shun him for being an out-of-control wild child? He didn’t use those exact words, but you catch my drift.

I’ve seen a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model in my life, mainly due to a lazy afternoon at my friend’s Kansas City loft, where everyone was too lazy to change the channel. But I saw a headline this morning that caught my eye and I couldn’t resist watching the clip from last night’s episode. And then, as mean as it may sound, I couldn’t help laughing out loud at my desk. I know these girls go through a lot on this show, and that modeling in general is ridiculously tough, but the producers were just itching to have some fun with this stunt. The contestants were at a runway show, where they walked down a very narrow runway in the center of a pool of water. The “runway” was a bit submerged, so it was wet. And then, as if that’s not fun enough, let’s put each model in a giant plastic bubble! I really don’t understand the world of fashion sometimes….but this is funny, I don’t care who you are. I bet it hurt a lot to fall on the runway that looked more like a balance beam at a gymnastics meet, but it appears that no major injuries were sustained. It’s cause for some serious humiliation, though. I know I laughed, but I do feel bad for them. Watch the clip HERE, and let me know what you think.

Well, it’s officially dark and pouring down rain now. How lovely! If you’re in a dry place, enjoy it! If you’re local…don’t forget your umbrella. Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


Pineapple in Panama City February 23, 2011

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Well, we’ve made it to Wednesday, Pineapple fans! I was really excited for today because it was supposed to be warm. Somebody lied to me because it’s not warm. And it’s gray and cloudy. But we are halfway through the week, so the weekend is in sight! Maybe the weekend weather will be better. Anybody know?

The Chief Pineapple is flying home today from sunny Florida. If you saw the photos that he posted on our facebook page yesterday, you know that he’s loving the sunshine, and he’s not above rubbing it in to all of us here in the gloom and chill. 

But I guess he deserves it, since he signed a new client yesterday! Gilland Chevrolet GMC in Ozark, Alabama, has picked the Pineapple! We are excited to get going with them; we will be developing an entire campaign, so it’s time for Barlow to put his creative hat on. He had a great time with the guys at the dealership, and we would like to welcome them to the Pineapple club. Thanks for Picking Us, Gilland!

The Oscars are only four days away, airing Sunday night. I don’t ever watch awards ceremonies; they just don’t interest me, for some reason. But if I would watch any, it would be the Academy Awards! I may just watch on Sunday. Maybe. There are several terrific films nominated for Best Picture (duh…that’s why they’re nominated, right?). I’m not sure if it’s because I live in Oklahoma, or what, but I’ve never heard of a few of them. I was just doing some research on the nominees and have discovered a few that I’ve never heard of, but really want to see now. Winter’s Bone looks really good, about a poverty-stricken family in the Ozarks with a deadbeat dad that skips bail, leaving his 17-year-old daughter to track him down to save the family home. I was surprised to see the brother from Eastbound and Down in this movie, only because I never would have recognized him! I’ve never heard of The Kids are All Right until now, but I would love to see that, too! I’ve had a soft spot for Mark Ruffalo since 13 Going on 30 and this looks like a fun role for him. It stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as lesbian parents, whose children decide to track down their donor father. Enter Mark Ruffalo. I have a feeling my husband will enjoy Winter’s Bone a bit more. Have you seen either of these? I still really want to see Black Swan! At this rate, I’ll just have to rent all of these. Other contenders for Best Picture include Inception (tried to watch it but was thoroughly confused after five minutes), The Social Network (loved it! and makes me wish I’d had a great idea like facebook) and 127 Hours (haunting and made me realize that it’s good to be cautious, and that I never want to go rockclimbing). It also looks like Toy Story 3 secured a nod for Best Picture. What? Really?

On a reality note, it looks like there may be a second chance (possibly another season?) for Kate and Jon Gosselin, of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Apparently it looks like Jon has realized that dressing in Ed Hardy from head to toe and dating 21-year-olds isn’t really the best way to live life. Rumor has it he’s gotten a normal job and is trying to win back Kate’s love. I wonder if that has anything to do with Kate’s body makeover; the woman is constantly on magazine covers flaunting her “bikini body.” I’m not saying Jon’s that shallow, but….oh, who am I kidding? I am saying that. Maybe the guy just really misses his kids, but he probably also misses the huge paycheck that came along with the show. Kate Plus 8 continued after Jon left; it’s a good thing Jon left, because Jon Plus 8 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  What do you think? Do you want Jon and Kate to reunite?

Well, Pineapple fans, have a wonderful Wednesday. Stay warm, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Oh, and your commercials suck.


It’s National Margarita Day! February 22, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s a terrific Tuesday here at Pineapple HQ, and much more lively, now that Pineapples 2 and 7 have made it safely back from snowy Connecticut. It was a long 24 hours of traveling from them, but the trip was a good one. Except, of course, for the American Airlines delay that left them stranded in Dallas for several hours last night. We’ve come to expect that from American, but what we didn’t expect was Barlow getting stuck in Houston for two hours. This rarely happens but gasp! Southwest was delayed! But it all worked out, and he made it safely to Alabama last evening. I wouldn’t want to spend my birthday in an airport, but it could have been worse. I’m also guessing that he didn’t have to rent a minivan, since I haven’t heard anything. Today he is meeting with a prospective client before heading home tomorrow. Good luck, Barlow!

Today is National Margarita Day! It seems like every day on the calendar is “National Something-or-Other Day,” but that’s part of the fun. I have a good friend that is an elementary school teacher in California, and she keeps me apprised of all of these special days, like National Peanut Butter Day and Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. (She has quite a large classroom celebration every year for the latter.) I find it a bit ironic that what is typically a summer favorite is celebrated in February, but who am I to judge? I also would like to know who comes up with these off-the-wall holidays. The margarita has a cloudy history, as no one can seem to identify who first invented it. One possibility is a bartender named Willie from Mexico City. He says that in 1934 he concocted the drink for his friend, Marguerite Hemery (whom he named the drink after). 

Salvador Negrete is another man who claims to be the inventor of margaritas. The day before his brother’s marriage in 1936, Salvador presented the margarita cocktail as a wedding present to Margarita (his sister-in-law). There are various other stories of the drink’s invention, but the true identity of the tequila master remains unknown. (In one of my high school Spanish classes, each student chose a traditional Hispanic name for classroom activities. Mine was Margarita. True story.) What are you doing to celebrate National Margarita Day? I’m thinking the Pineapples should have Mexican for lunch with some liquid refreshment! Mmm, chips and salsa sound muy excelente right about now.

Ironically, today is also World Thinking Day. I don’t think anyone will be thinking clearly after margaritas.

Back in June, I touched on the topic of the Amanda Knox murder trial. Knox, an American student that is serving a 26-year sentence for allegedly murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007, is back in the spotlight, thanks to Lifetime. Hayden Panetierre stars in the made-for-tv movie chronicling the events leading up to the murder, and the trial afterward. I’ve been a fan of Miss Panetierre since “Remember the Titans.” The movie aired last night on Lifetime, but I MISSED IT! I didn’t know about it. “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” will be on two more times, and I’ve already set an email reminder. In Great Britain, the movie was aired in it’s entirety, but the murder scene has been edited or deleted in the American version, due to complaints from the families of Knox and Kercher. Did anyone watch this? I love Lifetime movies (much to the chagrin of my husband) and I like Hayden Panetierre, and I’m always interested in true crime stories.

Well, Pineapple fans, it’s lunch time, and Adam has already voted for Mexican. He doesn’t even know yet that it’s National Margarita Day! Cheers, and have a terrific Tuesday!


Pineapples and Presidents February 21, 2011

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Happy President’s Day, Pineapple fans! If you’re enjoying the day off, make it count. Or at least sleep in, in which case you’ll be reading this much later. It looks like we’re back to cold, gloomy weather, but at least it’s not snowing. I thoroughly enjoyed the warmer weather over the weekend. Too bad it wasn’t here to stay!

All of the Pineapples are experiencing different types of weather today. Pineapples 2 and 7 (Adam and Jay) flew to Connecticut last night, where they were greeted by cold and snow. And also a minivan. I promise I reserved a midsize! Then again, they didn’t get in until after midnight (thank you, American Airlines), so they were probably a bit limited on the selection. Today they are meeting with a potential client, so break a leg, guys! I certainly hope the minivan handles well in the arctic tundra that is currently Connecticut. It’s a quick trip for the boys, as they’ll return to Tulsa late tonight. Let’s hope for no delays this time! And minivan or not, at least I didn’t route them through Chicago.

On a much brighter (and warmer) note, our Chief Pineapple is flying out today, as well. But he gets to fly into Panama City Beach on his favorite airline, Southwest. Barlow will be visiting a potential client in Alabama. Hopefully he’ll get to take a day tomorrow and enjoy some quality time in the sun. Today is his birthday, and he’s spending it traveling. So I think tomorrow he deserves a little break, don’t you? At least he’ll be warm! Happy, happy birthday to Barlow, king of the Pineapples!

So today will be a quiet one here at Pineapple HQ. We are still incredibly busy, but at least I’ll be able to take a deep breath with so many people gone and get some serious work done.

We had a great weekend! Barlow and I attended the live event on Saturday morning at Nelson Nissan, and we are pleased to report that they had a record-breaking Saturday, thanks to Pineapple’s creative facebook promotion. It was a really fun morning, and it’s always a good time hanging out with the gang at Nelson Nissan and the crew from KJRH. Thanks to Dave Sheridan for bringing doughnuts! See photos from the event HERE.

So today is Presidents Day. Or Presidents’ Day. Or President’s Day. There has never been an official declaration on the proper placement of the apostrophe, or even if there is supposed to be an apostrophe at all. For a grammar nut like me, it’s annoying. But I don’t make the rules, although sometimes I wish I did. The history of the holiday is somewhat convoluted. It’s believed it was originally meant to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, as he is the official “father of our country.” His birthday actually fell on February 22. Later, it was thought that Abraham Lincoln should be added to the mix. His birthday was on February 12th. In the 1950s, a movement was started by some travel groups who wanted to make more three-day weekends. (Don’t we all want more three-day weekends?) One of their ideas was to have one day for both great men, falling between the two February birthdays. However, it wasn’t passed as a federal holiday, although some individual states followed the new practice. Eventually it was decided that the third Monday in February would be a day of rest for federal employees. Usually it’s called Presidents Day, but some states still haven’t conformed and call it what they wish. For example, in Virginia, today is “George Washington’s Day”, since that was our first president’s home state. In Alabama, today is “Washington and Jefferson’s Day.” Notice there’s no mention of Honest Abe? Odd that Jefferson is celebrated today, since he was an April baby. It’s interesting that there is so much mystery surrounding today. I guess if you’re a federal employee, it doesn’t really matter; it means a three-day weekend!

Hope all of you have a happy Monday and a wonderful Presidents Day! Please think positive thoughts as so many Pineapples are flying the friendly skies today. See you tomorrow!


Finally Friday February 18, 2011

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Hello, Pineapple fans, and a happy Friday to you! It’s been such a crazy busy week, and today has been no exception. We all arrived at Pineapple HQ bright and early this morning and began with an early morning conference call with a potential client in Canada. All of the Pineapples learned a lot about the automotive industry in the north, and that was really interesting. After that, we had staff photos taken, since we have shifted our staff a little bit and grown a lot since the last time we had a photography session. We did a lot of silly things (fitting, isn’t it?) and had a great time, as always. In true Barlow fashion, the Chief Pineapple sported a Superman tee. And of course, we had plenty of pineapples as props. We will have the new images soon, so stay tuned for that.

This afternoon, we have a green screen shoot for a new campaign that we are launching; it’s something totally different than we have ever done before, so we are really excited about it. We will give you more details on that soon! It’s been a busy week (that’s an understatement, really) but it’s not over yet; tomorrow morning, we will be at the live event at Nelson Nissan in Broken Arrow. It’s going to be a good time, and they have an awesome promotion going on. If you’re interested in buying a new car, tomorrow is the perfect time to do it! All you have to do is post “Nelson Nissan is having free tag & tax today only!” on your facebook page, print it out, and bring it to Nelson Nissan. Boom – purchase your car and you’ve got FREE tag & tax! But that’s not all; if you have a friend that comes in and buys a car with you, you’ll each get a free iPad with purchase. It’s easy; just print and post!  Be sure to watch for us in the morning on KJRH! Be sure to “Like” Nelson Nissan’s page…hurry, go do it now! I’ll wait.

Next week will be just as busy, but in a different way. Adam and Jay are flying up north to Connecticut on Sunday evening for a meeting, only to make a quick turnaround and head back on Monday. On Monday, they’ll most likely pass Barlow in the air as he heads south to meet with a potential client in Alabama for a few days. Lots of traveling has been on the books for the Pineapple People lately, and it’s not letting up any time soon. We already have a few trips on the books for March, as well. Nothing like racking up those frequent flyer miles! I would like to wish the boys all a safe journey. Jake and I will hold down the fort while they’re gone. We both need to brush up on our foosball skills.

Today I learned a fun fact: our new Pineapple, Jay, can juggle! And not only can he juggle, he can juggle…pineapples! I’ve tried to master that skill several times in my life, and let’s just say I’m not the most coordinated person. (Although I have managed to wear high heels two days in a row and I haven’t broken my ankle yet.) Check out Jay’s mad skills!

Well, Pineapple fans, have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the gorgeous weather that’s in store. I’ll see you on Monday!