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Buns and birthdays January 31, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! Well, it’s been a long and busy morning so far. I dropped the guys off this morning before the sun was awake, and they are heading off to Tennessee. Today they have a meeting in Clarksville, so they aren’t letting any grass grow under their feet. Tomorrow it’s off to Nashville for a fun (and stressful!) two days of production. It’s going to be a quiet week without them here, but Jake and I will muddle through. I see lots of foosball in our near futures, unless, of course, we get hit by the “storm of the century” that the local meteorologists are predicting.

Living in Oklahoma, we don’t see a tremendous amount of snow. Plenty of ice, yes, and some snow, but not nearly as much as our neighbors to the north. But this time they’re calling for 12 inches TOMORROW. That will definitely be a sight to see for us Okies; I’m not quite sure I believe it. Nevertheless, I will be stocking up on firewood, candles and groceries tonight, just in case. With my luck, it actually will hit if I’m not prepared. Murphy’s Law and all that. The last time we had our big ice storm in 2007, we lost power for several days and were completely unprepared. My husband ended up finding some stale hamburger buns and stuck birthday candles in them. It was plenty of light to play board games by! But this time he’s decided we might need something a little more substantial. Like some firewood. And I just received news that a) Green Country is under a Breaking Weather Alert and b) Walmart is crazy. Wonderful.

Well, it’s time…for the sneak peek of the first new Nelson Nissan commercial! Remember our crazy production days from a few weeks ago? The ones with lots of actors, multiple locations, and snow?! Well, the first spot is ready to be released, and I must say (even though I may be a bit biased) that it’s AMAZING. Seriously. Barlow outdid himself on this one. You just get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you watch it! Let us know what you think! And since my embedding feature has decided to quit working, please click HERE to watch! You won’t be sorry. More to come soon!

If you know Barlow at all, you know that he is a very caring, sensitive person. He always does his best to help others, and has worked hard to ingrain in all of us the urge to do the same. The Pineapple People make it a point to perform random acts of kindness, and to reach out to those in need. We make it a point not to judge others by their looks, race, religion, creed, or bank account. And he recently showed us, “everyone has a story.” He sent us this video to prove that fact. I have watched American Idol for several years, but haven’t watched this season. And since I missed this special audition and touching story, I’m glad that Barlow shared it with us. Please click HERE to watch….be touched, and be inspired. Your life can change in an instant. Live each day to the fullest. God gave it to you for a reason.

Do you love video games? Does your husband, brother, sister or mother-in-law? How would you like a chance to win a Sony PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360 with Kinect? Nelson Mazda Tulsa and Nelson Nissan are giving away one of each, respectively. To enter, simply visit their Facebook pages, “Like” the page, and click on the Games tab. Play Bejeweled with Mazda and Tetris with Nissan! When they reach their desired number of fans, the people with the top 20 scores will be entered into a drawing, and the winner gets the gaming system! (Just don’t get in trouble at work for playing!)

Well, I’m off to tackle my Monday chores. If you’re in Oklahoma, get ready for the winter blast. If you’re not, you’re lucky, but that means you’ve probably already been hit by a ton of snow this year.  I suppose it’s our turn. Be careful out there, and we’ll talk tomorrow. And if you have to go to Walmart (like me), I’m sorry.


Frantic Friday! January 28, 2011

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Happy Fabuloso Friday, Pineapple fans! Whew, it’s been a busy day, as witnessed by the fact that it’s 2:30 p.m. and I’m just having time to sit down and write today’s blog. Please forgive my tardiness, won’t you? We have been running like crazy since early this morning, between day-to-day tasks, meetings and final travel preparations. Whew! Time to take a deep breath.

We started the day early today, since everyone is swamped. Not only are we as busy as we have been for the past several weeks, today is the last day at Pineapple HQ for Adam and Barlow for a couple of weeks. So with that, comes all of the extras. Do you have your airline tickets? Did you remember the sign for the Nashville shoot? Did you pick up the t-shirts? There are a lot of things to remember when it involves traveling to one destination, but they will be hitting three. Toss a production and a convention into the mix, and it’s enough to put a person on edge. But not to worry, I’ve taken care of everything! And Jake has been quite a help to me on this, so I appreciate that! And now he gets to clean Pineapple HQ, and unfortunately he is doing that alone today. But I figure he needs to pay his dues, right? I’ve cleaned by myself plenty of times!

Next week Pineapple is shooting the new campaign for Nelson Mazda in Nashville. I’m working on lining up several extras, which is always fun. I’m just bummed that I don’t get to go and see everything in action. Oh, well; maybe next time! This production is going to be just as large and involved as the one in Tulsa was a couple of weeks ago. Lots of actors, plenty of extras, and multiple locations. It’s vital that everyone does his or her part and that we choreograph everything perfectly. It’s tricky, but we always pull it off; it’s the Pineapple way!

This morning there was a scare of “Super” proportions at Cowboys Stadium, the site of the upcoming Super Bowl. (Okay, that was cheesy; sorry.) Anyway, at 8 a.m. a bomb threat was reported at the stadium. Somebody reported that they had spotted someone inserting an object into a drain near the field. After placing the stadium on lockdown, police sent remote cameras into the area to investigate. The super scary object? A piece of trash. So all’s well that ends well in Arlington. I’m guessing that the person felt guilty enough about littering to try to hide it. But it turned out to be a bigger mistake than he bargained for! Wonder if the culprit received a ticket for littering. And it’s great that threats are being taken seriously.

I’m excited about the Super Bowl, aren’t you? Granted, I really don’t care much about the game because I really don’t understand football as much as I pretend to, but I’ll watch for the commercials. And I’ll cheer for the Packers. (My mom’s a Cheesehead, remember?) One interesting fact about this year’s game: it’s very uncommon to have a Super Bowl with no cheerleaders. There are only six NFL teams that don’t have cheer squads, and two of them are Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Fun fact, eh?  

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I’m sure all of you would rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather than inside reading this. It’s Friday, so enjoy yourselves! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!


Remember the Ten January 27, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s a beautiful sunny Thursday and that makes me happy. Barlow is ecstatic since he’s such a warm weather fan. If he could move Tulsa several degrees south, he would do it in a heartbeat. I’m not a fan of the cold myself; I can only thank my parents for choosing Oklahoma instead of somewhere like Wisconsin when they relocated us from Texas. Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! If only spring would hurry up. (*Stamping feet in impatience!)

The Pineapple People are proud to reveal our newly revamped website! We have made plenty of upgrades and added tons of info about Pineapple Advertising. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the true Pineapple DNA. We tell it how it is. If your commercials suck, we are going to tell you. And if you Pick Us, we will make new commercials for you that will blow everyone’s mind, and you will not be accused of having sucky commercials ever again. In addition to seeing several of our commercials, you get to see Barlow explain his amazing philosophy, as well as view a map of our clients, learn about the Pineapple’s magic ingredients, and get a look at the Pineapple People and what we stand for. Click HERE to see it, or if you’d like to do it the long way, visit www.pickthepineapple.com. It’s awesome; you won’t be disappointed!

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of 10 Oklahoma State University family members. On January 27, 2001, the Cowboys basketball team headed for home after a game against the Colorado Buffaloes. Ten members of the traveling party were on a small charter plane that crashed into a snowy Colorado field shortly after take-off. The group consisted of OSU players Daniel Lawson and Nate Fleming, Oklahoma City broadcaster Bill Teegins, OSU athletic media relations coordinator Will Hancock, student assistant Jared Weiberg, director of basketball operations Pat Noyes, athletic trainer Brian Luinstra, broadcast engineer Kendall Durfey, and pilots Denver Mills and Bjorn Fahlstrom.

I didn’t know any of the victims personally, but I had spoken to Will  Hancock on the phone a few times for a newspaper story, and one of the pilot’s sons was a classmate of mine. I was a senior at OSU in January 2001. I remember being at home for the weekend, and getting a call from a friend to tell me the news. The campus was like a ghost town; everyone was just in shock. It’s a horrifying realization that bad things really do happen to good people, and even though OSU is such a tight-knit family, tragedy can still strike. A memorial service was held at Gallagher-Iba, and it was packed with students, faculty and alumni. Classes were canceled that day, so most everyone I knew did their best to attend. Everyone tried to get there early, since we knew there would be a limit on how many would fit into the arena. The service was quite powerful, as expected. And over time, the hearts of the Cowboys began to heal a little bit at a time. But nobody has ever forgotten to Remember the Ten. Students lined up outside Oklahoma State’s athletic complex three hours before the service began. Many said it was time to begin the healing process. “I think maybe this will start bringing some closure,” senior Laura Downing said. “Everyone has been walking around campus lately kind of in a daze.” Downing and fellow senior Ashley May were in line by noon. “We know it’s going to be totally packed,” May said. “We want to get in.”

With perseverance and strength, and a whole lot of Orange Power, the people of Oklahoma State University have made a point to never forget, to make sure that the lives of those ten men will never be forgotten. A memorial is open to the public in Byers, Colorado, where the accident occurred. I have never been there, but if you’re interested, please view a video HERE of one Cowboy’s journey to the memorial site. It may just put a new perspective on things.

Have a good day, Pineapple fans. And take a moment to Remember the Ten.


Lucky 200! January 26, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans, and a happy Wednesday to you! The weekend is in sight, and I’m ready for it. I love being so busy at Pineapple HQ, and I love spending my weekends doing as little as possible, just to recharge my batteries. (This could be construed as laziness, but I respectfully disagree.) Today is a special day for me, because this is Pineapple blog #200. Kudos to you who have read every single one of them! (And yes, Mom, that includes you.) It makes my day when people post comments or take the time to send an e-mail remarking on my blog, so thanks to everyone who has done that, too! It never fails to make me smile and I really appreciate it.

Barlow has been in the creative zone all week, coming up with numerous brilliant campaigns. The bummer about this is that we always want to know what he’s come up with, and he likes to tease us and not share until he’s ready! I guess he can do that since he’s the boss and the creative genius, huh? Stay tuned for some amazing ideas from the Chief Pineapple! Adam is working hard to learn a couple of new television markets, and he’s been getting to know the various media reps from different places. Each market is different, and there is plenty to learn before placing the client’s dollars. If you’d like to know what that looks like, see below.

Are you ready for an update on John Stone, the car salesman that was fired for wearing a Packers tie to work? I thought so. It’s only been two days, and already things are looking up for Stone. He has been offered a position with a rival Chevrolet dealership in the Chicago area, with a more easygoing boss, Guy Cesario, who said that his salesmen often wear rival teams’ colors and it’s all in good fun. Cesario has been fielding phone calls from customers saying that they will buy a vehicle from him if he offers Stone a job. However, Stone is taking his time and waiting to meet Cesario in person. In addition, there are rumors that Stone will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Dallas with some prime Super Bowl seats. So he may want to wait a couple of weeks to accept the offer, because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have vacation time quite that soon. I’m glad that Stone is sticking to his guns in this matter. Of course, his former place of employment is getting plenty of free publicity now.

If you’re eating lunch right now, you may want to come back to this section. It seems that Taco Bell is making people….run the opposite way of the border these days. A lawsuit was recently filed against the fast-food joint on the grounds that they claim to serve beef, but it is actually less than 35% meat. Um, that’s disgusting. I’m a Buenohead, and haven’t even at Taco Bell since high school, and now I’m really happy about that. When asked what the “beef” consisted of, representatives stated that it’s mostly fillers and extenders like water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch. Nothing about that sounds delicious, except maybe the water. No wonder the prices are so low; so is the beef content. I wonder if Taco Bell will see a dramatic drop in sales due to this negative story, or if things will continue to churn along as usual. I, for one, will not be running for the border to try it out, to see if it’s really as bad as people say. Now, if they release info on the ingredients of Jack-in-the-Box tacos  (my FAVE!), I’ll ignore it. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, especially when it comes to one of my favorite snack foods. What will you do? Keep eating at Taco Bell? Switch to Taco Bueno? Or just let it slide and continue on with business as usual? Uh…one more thing. When searching for an image to post in relation to this paragraph, I ran across one of a rat in Taco Bell. Just keeping it real. Are you still wondering what that 35% is?

If you’re completely grossed out right now, please forgive me; that’s not my intention. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Wednesday; the sun is shining, we’re halfway to the weekend…what could be better? See you tomorrow!


Packers and Pineapples January 25, 2011

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Good afternoon, Pineapple fans! It’s a quiet day so far at Pineapple HQ. Barlow is busy churning out creative like you wouldn’t believe, and Adam is holed up in his office working on new market research. Jake isn’t here yet, so I don’t have a foosball partner. (Adam won’t play with me since I’m so terrible. Or maybe I don’t want to play with him because I know I’ll lose. Either way, we don’t play one-on-one.)

Today we are getting everything lined up for next week. The Pineapple Twins are flying to Nashville bright and early on Monday morning. (Much earlier than any of us like.) First up is a couple of busy production days with the Mazda gang. On my part, that involves lining up actors, actresses, extras and locations. It sounds like it’s fun, and it is! After shooting is complete, they will head west to the City by the Bay for the NADA convention, where they will be busy convincing new dealerships to Pick the Pineapple! The guys are in their element at trade shows, so I know it will be a success. And I bet since so many of our clients first came to know Pineapple at NADA, there will be plenty of old friends to visit with. (Guys, remember to bring back some free pens and notepads for me. I have a weakness for trade show freebies.) For the convention, I am busy hammering out final shipping details (a huge shout-out to Jared from Worldwide Express for helping me on this!) and ensuring that every item that we need arrives in San Francisco in a timely manner. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but I know everything will come together perfectly. I never realized how much is involved with being an exhibitor at a major convention. There are so many miniscule details to think about!

We have launched Pineapple Surf ‘n Fusion (our digital campaign) for Rogers Automotive in Shelby, North Carolina, and it’s off to a wonderful start. Check out the screen shot of a North Carolina website to see the Rogers Cyber Cash web banner! Click HERE to see the Cyber Cash commercial.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, things are heating up between Packers Cheeseheads and Steelers fans. (Sorry, I don’t know what Steelers fans are called. I’m the daughter of a Cheesehead, so that’s what I know.) As most of you know, last Sunday there was an excellent play-off game between the Packers and the Chicago Bears. While most people I know from Chicago are Bears fans, apparently there is one guy in Chicago who isn’t. John Stone, a car salesman at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, Ill., was fired recently for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie. He wore the tie in support of his grandmother, who was a die-hard Packers fan. I think that’s sweet, but his boss apparently didn’t, because he fired him on the spot. He gave him the option of being fired or removing the tie, stating that although it wasn’t a dress code violation, it didn’t harmonize with their advertising theme. And although no customers had complained (it was early in the day, and the few that had seen it had a sense of humor about it), the manager refused to relent. I certainly hope the guy gets unemployment.

As one who enjoys traveling (and the Pineapples do a lot of it!), I like hearing stories that happen in the friendly, or not-so-friendly skies. Last year Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater quit his job in a dramatic way, after being hit on the head with a bag or an overhead bin. After an expletive-laced announcement on the intercom, Slater grabbed a beer from the galley and exited the plane via the emergency slide. There have been several incidents in recent months, but that is definitely one of the more notable ones. A few days ago, 63-year-old Michael Isabelle, a passenger on an American Airlines flight found his route to the restroom continously blocked by the beverage cart. He must have had to go desperately, because he began kicking and knocking over the cart (hope it didn’t spill on any innocent passengers) and finally punched flight attendant Carlos Carrico in the stomach when he couldn’t get through. I’ve never had to go that badly, but it must have been an emergency for Mr. Isabelle. With the help of another flight attendant and a passenger, Carrico managed to subdue Isabelle in plastic cuffs until landing, where he was turned over to law enforcement. I just wonder if they let him visit the little boys’ room upon arrival.

Well, Pineapple fans, have a terrific Tuesday, enjoy the beautiful weather, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Jumping Jack and Falling in Fountains January 24, 2011

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Happy Monday, Pineapple fans! It’s a clear, sunny and COLD day here in Green Country, but I have high hopes for Friday’s 58 degrees! That will seem like a heat wave, and it’s just one more reason to love Friday!

Today begins another busy (as always) week for the Pineapple People. Since the Pineapple Twins were on the road most of last week, today we get to meet and go over everything that’s been going on. In addition to that, the guys are leaving town again next week to head to Nashville, then San Francisco for the annual NADA convention. Hopefully after the next two weeks, they’ll get a chance to catch their breaths and stay home for a little while. Pineapple HQ just isn’t the same when they’re gone, that’s for sure. And with all of the bad weather last week, Jake and I didn’t even get to brush up on our foosball skills. Bummer. Maybe this week! He definitely needs to practice since he can’t even beat me! (Oh, yeah, Jake, that was a burn!)

Yesterday afternoon the world said good-bye to the father of fitness, Jack LaLanne. LaLanne passed away at his home in California at the ripe old age of 96, due to respiratory failure resulting from pneumonia. At the age of 15, LaLanne was a self-proclaimed pimply, nearsighted, junk-food-scarfing high school dropout. When he attended a nutrition talk with his mother one afternoon, he was inspired, and started hitting the weights at his local YMCA. At the age of 21, he opened his first fitness studio and shortly after, “The Jack LaLanne Show” premiered in San Francisco. The show went national eight years later, and featured LaLanne teaching others about fitness and working out, using such props as broomsticks, a chair and a stretchy rubber cord. (Fun fact: LaLanne invented the jumping jack!) At age 60, LaLanne showed off his physical prowess by swimming from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf while pulling a 1,000-pound boat. In handcuffs. On his 70th birthday, he produced the handcuffs one more time and swam again, this time pulling 70 people in 70 boats for more than a mile through Long Beach Harbor. In recent years, LaLanne has become a household name, thanks to his Power Juicer. I don’t have one, but I know several people that do, and I hear good things. Jack LaLanne lived an amazing life, and spent it encouraging others to work towards healthy and fit bodies. We salute you, Jack LaLanne!

Now, I know this news is a week old, but I keep forgetting to mention it. Have you seen the YouTube video of the woman who fell into a mall fountain while texting? Cathy Cruz Marrero was walking through a Pennsylvania mall and texting her husband. Not looking where she was going, she fell headfirst into the fountain. Granted, the security guard who posted the video on YouTube shouldn’t have done that (he has since lost his job) but you have to admit, it’s kind of funny. Don’t worry, nothing was injured except her pride. (I’m not that mean. If she was hurt, this would have an entirely different spin.) But what is ridiculous is the fact that she is now threatening legal action against the mall, because no one came to help her. (Nobody had time, she grabbed her things and immediately left the scene.) Her lawsuit is based upon the fact that there was no railing around the fountain to prevent folks from falling in. Most fountains don’t have railings, because they are usually only inches deep, and most people watch where they’re going! To make things even more juicy, Marrero works in the mall, so she should certainly know where the fountain is located. She was recently on television speaking out about how dangerous it is to walk and text, saying that she could’ve been hit by a bus. In the mall? Doubtful. And now since she’s making such a big stink about the incident, reporters have been doing some digging on her, and discovered several theft charges, including a case of identity theft in which she stole a co-worker’s credit card and racked up five grand in charges at Zales and Target. That’s classy, Cathy. If you haven’t seen the video, click HERE to watch.

Well, I’m off to have a meeting with the boys. Have a great week, Pineapple fans! I’ll see you tomorrow!


Snow’s On! January 20, 2011

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! Today we are battling our second bout of winter weather and it looks to be much worse than the first storm from last week. Tulsa has several inches of snow on the ground with a lovely layer of ice underneath. According to the news, road travel is hazardous and treacherous and all area schools are canceled, including the colleges, and we all know they are the last to close! I think the last time there were so many closings was during the huge ice storm of 2007 when everyone lost power for a week. Hope that doesn’t happen this time!

I am expecting a very quiet day today with so many folks stuck at home. Jake and I were planning a foosball rematch today but that will have to be rescheduled since he’s out of school today. And I have every intention of beating him again! I do have a phone call scheduled this afternoon from San Diego, so I will do my best to live vicariously through them. I’m sure I will be begging for a wonderful weather report and some photos of the beach. Sigh. I love San Diego!

The Pineapple Twins are on their way home from their road trip, and I hope they make it safely and have avoided snow on their journey. All in all, the trip was a success. They had plenty of promising meetings with potential clients and of course, got to visit with the crews at Rogers Automotive, Speedway Harley-Davidson and Don Ledford Auto Park. They get to spend next week at home before heading off to Nashville, San Francisco and Topeka. The busy travel schedule will continue into February!

So, what’s the word on American Idol? Did everyone watch the season premiere last night? I must admit, I did not. As I mentioned yesterday, it now comes on at the same time as my favorite Wednesday night shows. I did read some postings and comments this morning and overall, it seems to have received favorable reviews. People seem to be really enjoying the new judges, especially Steven Tyler. Maybe Simon being absent won’t make such an impact after all. Best of luck to all of the contestants!

Well, Pineapple fans, have a safe snow day! If you’re driving, please be careful and drive slowly. See you tomorrow!