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Good-bye, 2010 December 31, 2010

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Happy New Year’s Eve, Pineapple fans! It’s a beautiful day so far, but promises to be in the 20s at midnight when we ring in the new year. Brrr! Why are the nights when you’re supposed to dress the skimpiest always the coldest? Nothing makes me want to put on a party dress less than frigid temps. Oh, well…tis the season!

Have you been thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? They are such a great idea, yet always seem so hard to keep. I think I may do something easy, like “Breathe every day.” That way I can’t fail. Or we could all take a page from Lionel in “Waiting to Exhale” and instead of making resolutions once a year, make affirmations every single day. Sort of like Stuart Smalley. Or perhaps…Jessica. Click HERE to see; for some reason the video didn’t feel like embedding properly. It’s cute, you’ll like it.

I recently saw Jessica, who is now a teenager, on Tosh.0, and she still likes to make enthusiastic affirmations in the mirror, although she doesn’t stand on the bathroom counter anymore.

We thought this week would be a quiet one here at Pineapple HQ, but it has been the opposite! Barlow has been churning out some new creative for multiple clients, and Adam has been finishing up loose ends before the new year. Unfortunately, Adam has been down and out with the flu, most likely. He’s been keeping a low profile the past few days. Please send lots of get well vibes to Miss Adam; we need him! We hope he is back in top form by next week, when we have several meetings to attend, both here and on the road. I’m now glad that I cleaned early this week; it wouldn’t be the same without Adam here to help me. Wow, I can almost type that with a straight face. Just kidding, Adam…I appreciate your help when it’s given!

2010 has been a crazy year. And according to the Top 10 Most Searched Items on Bing, our celebrity-addiction was fueled this year. Our hopes for celeb romances faded as we saw infidelity among the likes of Tiger Woods and Jesse James. (James’ jilted sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, was Bing’s #2 search term, after celebutante/entrepreneur Kim Kardashian.) There were also plenty of Hollywood deaths this year. Children of the ’80s, like me, were sad to hear of the loss of both Gary Coleman and Corey Haim. (Who didn’t love the Coreys?) Two actors from one of my favorite all-time movies, “Airplane!”, both passed away this year: Leslie Nielsen and Peter Graves. (“Billy, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?”) We also said good-bye to two leading ladies from ensemble sitcoms, Dixie Carter (Designing Women) and Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls). Both shows were a great part of my childhood, and I watched re-runs of the Golden Girls all the way through college. It was a busy year in Hollywood, that’s for sure. Here’s to a happier 2011!

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to run errands. Have a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve celebration tonight, and the Pineapples will see you on Monday!


What to do for New Year’s Eve? December 30, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s been a busy day at Pineapple HQ so far, full of running errands and doing some clean-up for the end of the year, as well as getting everything ready for 2011. None of the Pineapples are feeling 100% (something is definitely going around!) but we are all in good moods anyway, because our beloved Cowboys won the Alamo Bowl last night. It was a great game against Arizona, although it ran pretty late. But all that matters is that the Cowboys emerged victorious, and we are planning on another great season next year. Go, Pokes!

So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, the celebration of the end of the year, and the ringing in of a new one. For me and my family, 2010 was miserable. The only really good thing that happened was that I landed a job as a Pineapple, which has been fantastic. So career-wise, it’s been great. Personally, it’s been terrible. So let’s all hope and pray that 2011 is a much better year for everyone, shall we? You’re probably wondering what there is to do in Tulsa on New Year’s Eve. We don’t exactly have Times Square at our disposal, but there must be something to do.

If you’re a grown-up, check out:

New Years Eve Gala at Crowne Plaza Hotel
When: Beginning at 4pm New Years Eve
Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 100 E. Second Street, downtown Tulsa

Crowne Plaza is doing it right with multiple parties under one roof, for just one price. In the Tulsa Ballroom, Imzadi is playing, and they are a LOT of fun, if you’ve never seen them. Mid Life Crisis will be in the Promenade Ballroom, and Brian Lee & Friends will perform in the Upper Lobby. If you’re feeling lucky, you can play in a Texas Hold ‘Em tourney from 4-7 p.m. And if you’re feeling swanky, you’ll have access to the Cigar & Martini Lounge in the Oklahoma Ballroom. Call Crowne Plaza at (918) 560-2219 for reservations, and if you plan on enjoying some adult beverages, be sure to ask about the room packages.

New Years Eve Salsa Party
When: Starting at 5:30pm
Where: The Canebrake in Wagoner 

Wagoner’s greatest NYE celebration includes dinner, champagne toast, live salsa music and salsa lessons. (Think “Along Came Polly.) Call 918-485-1810 or email info@thecanebrake.com for details and reservations.

Olive Drop New Year’s Party
When: Starting at 7pm New Years Eve
Where: Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville

Outlaws Gourmet Catering will provide a five-course meal, drinks will be available at the Copper Bar, and a complimentary champagne toast will be yours at midnight. To ring in the new year, a large olive will be lowered from the top of Price Tower (Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous skyscraper) into a martini glass. Two rounds of dinner reservations are availabe, at either 7pm or 9pm. Call (918) 336-1000 for reservations.

Crystal Ball: A New Years Eve Masquerade
When: Starting at 9pm New Years Eve
Where: Enso Bar, Electric Circus and IDL Ballroom, 1st & Detroit

Feel like clubbing and getting dressed up in your favorite black & white finery? Then you belong at 1st & Detroit tomorrow night. Entertainment includes the Panic! Crew, Steve Club and DJ Dilation & Jimm-A. Ticket prices are $15 per person, $20 per couple. VIP packages are also available for $25 per person or $40 per couple.

If you’re looking for family fun, check out:

New Year’s Eve Night Out at the Tulsa Zoo
When: 6pm New Years Eve – 10am New Years Day
Where: Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum

If your kiddos love camping and animals, this is a perfect adventure for them. And parents, it’s a great excuse for you to celebrate your NYE in a grown-up manner. All kids from second to fifth grade are welcome, and kids will be given dinner, breakfast and a light snack. The cost is $55 per child. Call (918) 669-6600 for reservations or more information.

New Years Eve at Bounce U
When: 7pm-1am
Where: BounceU, 8922 S. Memorial Drive
This is another ideal way to let your children celebrate their way, and you to celebrate yours. Kids will be fed snacks, dinner, and a late night treat. For midnight, poppers and noisemakers will be provided. Games will also be played, and a LOT of bouncing will be done! Cost is $40 per child, and don’t worry, they will be fully supervised. Make reservations at (918) 249-0090.

THE Party! Hahn Appliance Warehouse New Year’s Eve on Brookside
When: Starting at 9pm New Years Eve
Where: Brookside, which is on Peoria between 36th & 39th Streets

So we aren’t in NYC with Times Square out the window, but this is as good as it gets in T-town. This is the second year of this free outdoor street party, which features a lighted ball drop, bands, entertainment and fireworks. It’s supposed to be cold tomorrow, but there are plenty of indoor activities available as well, so all ages can have fun, no matter what the weather. All proceeds will benefit the Community Food Bank of Oklahoma.

For more  NYE ideas, visit www.tashadoestulsa.com, where this information came from. Thank you, Tasha!

Well, I’m off to tackle a big messy computer files project, so I’ll let you get on with your day and make your plans for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Have a terrific Thursday, Pineapple fans!


Wacky Wet Wednesday December 29, 2010

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It’s a wonderful Wednesday, Pineapple fans! It’s gray and
dreary outside, but all of the Pineapples are in fantastic moods
anyway, probably because it’s Alamo Bowl day! I’m sure we’d be even
more chipper if we were in San Antonio, where it’s 74 degrees,
according to Barlow, our warm-weather-loving Pineapple. He has a
knack of knowing the temperatures of all southern Texas towns at
any given moment.

Yesterday we had a great meeting with the people
from the PropUp Store; they have a really cool iPad accessory. I’m
actually using mine right this minute, if you really want to know!
You can check it out HERE. The website
claims that the PropUp is only available in black, but as of just a
few days ago, they also come in lime green and pink. And the best
part is, they’re only $28.95! If you have an iPad, you know that’s
a terrific price for an Apple accessory.

Are you ready for the new Car Country commercial? It’s awesome! Rog is the coolest
guy ever, and he’s definitely not scary, and we feel that the
commercial portrays that. This is the spot that will be running for
tax season; it’s almost here! Let us know what you think. And when
you see it on television, you’ll be able to say, “Hey, I already
saw that on the Pineapple blog. I must be a VIP.” You know you are.

Car Country is about to have a completely new website, too, and it
looks awesome. Stay tuned for the launch of that! In addition,
we’ve also been working hard on the new project for 3-D Abs, with a
video presentation and website. All of the pieces are falling into
place nicely, and we can’t wait to show you the finished product!

And now for your wacky Wednesday story. Eleven years ago, a British
couple decided to undergo in vitro fertilization in an attempt to
conceive. Doctors obtained 24 eggs from the mother, Lisa Shepherd,
and 14 of those were successfully fertilized. Two embryos were
implanted, and the couple welcomed twins Megan and Bethany in 1999.
The rest of the embryos were placed in cryogenic storage. When the
family decided to have another child, they decided to have one
embryo implanted to see what happened. Last month, the Shepherds
welcomed daughter Ryleigh, who is considered a triplet of Megan and
Bethany, even though she was born 11 years later. Pretty wild, huh?
Oh, the joys of modern medicine!

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m going to work on crossing some items off my to-do list.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, and remember, it’s almost the weekend!


Turnpikes and Tuesday December 28, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! Well, we’ve made it to Tuesday, and it’s nearly time for a couple of major events…the Alamo Bowl tomorrow, starring our favorite OSU Cowboys, and New Year’s this weekend! What a great week, right? It’s supposed to be 68 degrees on Thursday, which is pretty amazing. However, it’s going to turn freezing cold again just in time to don your short, sequined party dresses on Friday night. Of course.

The Pineapples have another busy day ahead. This morning we have a meeting with the nice folks from PropUp, who were so kind to give each of the Pineapple People a free product since we all received new iPads for Christmas. The PropUp is awesome, and it keeps you from having to balance your iPad against your knees all the time. It provides a comfortable way of working (or playing!) on your technological toy. Definitely a cool invention! Get more info HERE and don’t forget to “Like” them on Facebook!

Just for fun, here is a photo of the Pineapple People at our Christmas party with our new iPads! Poor Barlow; he’s the only one without. He also didn’t get the memo to wear his argyle sweater that evening, although both Adam and I did.

And while being a Pineapple is usually a blast, there are those certain crazy times when things have to happen, and we aren’t in the same place, for some reason. For example, it was time to have a financial planning meeting for the new year, and Brock is traveling in Stillwater at the moment, so the Pineapple Trio had their meeting late last night in a glamorous, exotic locale: the McDonald’s on the Cimarron Turnpike.

We have made a ton of progress on the new project for 3-D Abs, and everything looks awesome! I just got a sneak peek at the website, and it looks great. If you’re looking for the ideal way to get amazing abs, just wait till you see the video we are producing; you won’t be able to resist! The new Car Country commercial will be ready this week, as well, and we’re just finishing up their all-new website and it’s really cool. The Credit Cruncher is the man! And he’s not scary! Well, it’s time for our pow-wow with the PropUp People, so I’m going to sign off for now. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Don’t forget to wear your orange tomorrow and show your support for the Pokes!


Marriage and Monday December 27, 2010

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Baby, it’s cold outside! We may not have had a white Christmas, but it was definitely a chilly one! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and that you survived all of the family togetherness. And of course, I hope Santa was good to you. And if he wasn’t, you probably didn’t deserve anything more than coal anyway. Just kidding.

Pineapple HQ is hopping today. We are wrapping up several projects and get ready to launch into several new ones. We will be shooting a new commercial for Nelson Nissan in a few weeks, and that’s always fun. The new spot for Car Country is almost ready, so be ready for your sneak preview of that! I just booked travel for the Pineapple Twins in mid-January, so they can go Tennessee-hopping. We’ve got a big production up there for Nelson Mazda, as well as a few potential client meetings. Here’s to plenty of folks Picking the Pineapple in 2011! If you haven’t picked us, you really should, since your commercials suck.

Guess who got engaged over the weekend? That’s right, the King of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. Despite the 60-year age difference, Hef seems truly in love with his new fiancee, Playmate Crystal Harris. She insists that she doesn’t notice the age difference, and that she’s not after him for his money. Mmm, okay. This will be the third marriage for Hef; I’m actually surprised it’s not number eight or nine. Anyway, Hef proposed on Christmas Eve, and then tweeted the news. I’m not sure which is funnier, the fact that this couple is getting married, or the fact that an 84-year-old is on Twitter. I guarantee if you ask my grandmother, she’s never heard of Twitter. Best wishes to the happy couple. Did anyone go see “Little Fockers” this weekend? I really want to see it, but heard from a friend that it is terrible, and that it’s definitely a renter. Then I read a review in the paper that echoed that statement. I’m so disappointed; I really thought this was one movie franchise that could pull off a second sequel. (I’m not sure what that would be called….a three-quel, I guess.) Apparently all of the material is recycled, and despite the stellar cast, it’s just not funny anymore. Anybody got any input on this? Well, it’s Monday, so that means I have LOTS to do today, so I’m going to leave you to muse about Hugh Hefner’s nuptials and the terrible three-quel that is “Little Fockers.” Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Merry Christmas! December 24, 2010

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It’s a Merry Christmas Eve at Pineapple HQ! We are all working hard this morning to wrap up any loose ends before the holiday weekend, so that we can enjoy a couple of days off with our families and friends. I hope that all of you have all of your holiday preparations complete. Me, I still have to hit Target on my way home…wish me luck. At least the location near Pineapple HQ is never too crowded. (At least, it wasn’t the night before Thanksgiving. I’m starting to look like a real procrastinator, huh?)

We had a meeting this morning to go over all of the new projects that are lined up for the next few weeks. I have plenty of travel to book, as the Pineapple Twins head off to Nashville, Clarksville, and a few other ‘villes’ in Tennessee, with a possible stop in North Carolina. Then we have the NADA convention in early February, when the boys will head to San Francisco. This is fantastic, though, since lots of travel means lots of potential client meetings and plenty of production! We will be shooting spots for brand-new campaigns for Nelson Mazda Nashville and Nelson Nissan in a couple of weeks. 2011 promises to be a juicy year for the Pineapple!

Does everyone have wonderful plans for the weekend? If you’re traveling, please be safe out there! The weather promises to be decent, so hopefully there is not a repeat of last year’s Christmas blizzard. I know a white Christmas is festive and all, but that was ridiculous! If you’re in Tennessee, as so many of our Pineapple clients are, you just may get the white Christmas you’ve been dreaming of. A snowstorm is expected to hit the Midwest, especially the Nashville area, and possibly as far south as Atlanta. Remember to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare if you’re traveling via air; those security lines can be a mess! If you are staying at home, enjoy the rest and relaxation. If you are entertaining relatives, peace be with you!

Although gifts aren’t the reason for celebrating Christmas, they are often a part of the equation. I have a few tips for you to remember when it comes to exchanging. First, 75% of people are unable to adequately pretend they like a gift that they can’t stand. Body language will always betray you. Try really, really hard to remember this little fact come Christmas morning. That way, you’ll make more of an effort to fake it, and not end up hurting someone’s feelings.

If you need to exchange something, there may be a few things you need to know. Call the store first (assuming you know where it was purchased) and ask them what their return policy is. You may have several days, and that way you won’t have to run out the day after Christmas with the rest of the world to return it. Leave the tags attached; most stores are sticklers about this, and won’t accept items without the tags, even if it’s obvious it hasn’t been worn or used. Be prepared to get store credit instead of cash. That’s just a fact of life, and the retailer can’t help it, so don’t fight with them. It won’t help. All that will do is get everyone in a bad mood, and that’s not what the holidays are about. With all that being said, don’t volunteer the fact that you’re returning the item. The gifter doesn’t need to know.

Well, Pineapple fans, we wish you a Merry Christmas! We would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday, and we’ll see you on Monday!



Ho Ho Holiday Horrors Part II December 17, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! I’m back to finish where we left off yesterday. Remember, you aren’t going to sled wildly, climb on the top rung of a ladder, carry a zillion shopping bags at once, or kiss any strangers. That about sums it up, I think. On to the rest of the list!

5.) Don’t freeze yourself to death

It’s always a good idea to wear layers this time of year, since you can’t guarantee what the temperature will be from one hour to the next, especially in Oklahoma! If your body temperature drops, it can raise your risk for a heart attack. In addition, a lot of people have heart attacks this time of year because they don’t recognize the warning signs. It’s common for people to be struck with chest pain while shoveling snow, particularly if they aren’t active. Or pain may be written off as indigestion after a heavy holiday meal. Just take care of yourself, and stay warm.

6.) Don’t lose your dinner

Food poisoning is common during the holidays. Drinking spoiled egg nog or eating undercooked turkey are great excuses to go to the emergency room. A turkey should always be thawed in the refrigerator, rather than on the counter, to prevent bacteria from forming. Also, don’t stuff the bird in advance. Food should never sit out for more than two hours; if you’re traveling a long distance to a holiday gathering, store your foodstuffs in a cooler. Especially that egg nog.

7.) Don’t be like Santa

According to Australian researchers, Santa is a “public health pariah.” He’s overweight, he eats tons of cookies, he smokes cigars (really?), and he goes cheek-to-cheek with hundreds of strange kids at the mall. You really shouldn’t model your lifestyle after Santa. Also, he only works one day per year! Say ‘no’ to the extra helpings of cookies, and walk extra-fast while at the mall. And remember, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and it’s going to be a short day for the Pineapples. If you need us, we will be around in the morning. Or if you just want to stop by and wish us a Merry Christmas, you can do that, too. Hope all of your last-minute preparations are going well. I’ll see you tomorrow!