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Katy and Krispy Kreme September 30, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s a busy day around here, and I don’t mean with just work. The Pineapples’ beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys face off against the Aggies of Texas A&M tonight at Boone Pickens Stadium. Barlow and Adam are going to knock off a bit early and head down to Stillwater to cheer on the Pokes. It should be a great game, and hopefully a winning one for the Cowboys. Let’s keep up the streak, boys! We’ve been hard at work all week, which is difficult with the beautiful weather we’ve been having the past few days.

I’m the current black sheep of the Pineapple family, because I’m blowing off the trip to Stillwater to attend the Tulsa State Fair with my family tonight. I know that OSU games are always fun, but I look forward to the fair all year! I missed two years ago when my appendix decided it didn’t like me anymore, and I was bummed for weeks. Cheesy, I know. But there’s something comforting in the fact that the fair is always the same, not to mention the food! I recently heard about the absolute amazingness (is that a word?) of the deep-fried Snickers, and I think I just may have to try one tonight. But I promise I’ll make someone share, and I won’t eat it all by myself. I’ll admit I was a little bit disturbed when I saw the Krispy Kreme burgers on the news this morning. I thought, surely that’s not really what it sounds like. But oh, was I wrong. Hamburger patty, bacon, cheese, and “all the fixins” between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Uh, no thanks. That’s one item that I will skip for sure. The sad thing is, the folks chowing down on the news seemed to actually enjoy them. If you go to the fair and eat a Krispy Kreme burger, let me know how it is. Today I am continuing with my NADA convention project. Who knew there was so much to do? We already have everything for our booth, so you would think after you register and get a booth assignment, you would just show up and set up your display. Oh, no, there are a million details that you wouldn’t even think about. You have to rent carpet (which comes in a delightful array of rainbow colors). You have to rent electricity. As if the building doesn’t have electricity. Everyone is trying to make a buck, I suppose. Need Internet? Got to rent it. Perhaps you need a trash can, and someone to empty it for you? You got it, even more rentals. But after all the dirty work is done, it’s a terrific opportunity for some new clients to Pick the Pineapple! Here is a shot of Adam, Kiera and Barlow at last year’s convention in Orlando. Do you remember when Adam posted on our Facebook page about Katy Perry’s guest appearance on Sesame Street? After filming the spot, which featured Perry and Elmo, PBS was flooded with feedback concerning Perry’s revealing top. The scene has been cut from the show, but Perry is reveling in the aftermath. She recently filmed a clip for Saturday Night Live, poking fun at the incident in a roundabout way. Of course, she did lots of bouncing in her very revealing Elmo tee. If you’ve got a few minutes and would like to watch the SNL clip, click HERE. But I don’t want to offend anyone, so if you were upset by the Sesame Street scene, don’t watch.

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to learn how to rent carpet. And how to figure out which color to choose! Have a terrific Thursday, and don’t forget to tune in to the OSU-A&M game tonight! And remember to let me know how those Krispy Kreme burgers are. See you tomorrow!


Bye-bye, Bolton September 29, 2010

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It’s a wonderful Wednesday, Pineapple fans, and it looks like it’s going to be another fantastic day in Tulsa! I’m getting used to kicking the heater on in my car in the mornings, then cruising with the windows down in the afternoon. That’s absolutely perfect weather in my book. Plus, I’m a little too excited to break out my cardigan collection again.

Today will be another busy day here at Pineapple HQ. I’m still working on setting up a social network for a new client, and it’s keeping me busy for sure. Adam is up to his ears in media buying for another new client, and Barlow is still hard at work being creative. Brock is home battling a nasty bug today, so the Pineapple People would like to send him wishes for a speedy recovery.

It’s that time again….NADA! And no, I don’t mean the Spanish word for ‘nothing.’ NADA is a huge convention for the National Automotive Dealers Association. The Pineapples attended last year’s convention in Orlando, and we are prepping to go again. Barlow, Adam and Kiera will be in San Francisco for the event. While it doesn’t happen until early next year, now is the time to make all of the arrangements. I’ve been busy with airfare and hotel reservations, as well as all of the minute details that go along with such a large project. This is a big undertaking for me, since I’ve never done it before, and there are a ton of things to think about. But I’m confident that all will go well. This is a fantastic opportunity for Pineapple; last year’s convention landed us several terrific clients, and we are excited to gain a few more this year. I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I’m sure the gang will take plenty of photographs for me. Maybe I’ll even get a postcard!

All of the Pineapples are excited for the big OSU-Texas A&M game tomorrow night in Stillwater. Let’s cheer for the Cowboys to continue their winning streak! The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at Boone Pickens Stadium. Don’t forget to wear your orange tomorrow! A fun Thursday night game is a great way to warm up for the weekend. Ready for your “Dancing with the Stars” recap? Last night America said adios to Michael Bolton. I suppose that’s all well and good, especially if you have tickets to see him in concert here on Saturday. (I don’t, but hey, to each his own.) I was wondering how he was going to be on tour while also on “DWTS.” Guess he didn’t plan on lasting that long on the show. Also in “Dancing” news, Miss Bristol Palin is in trouble for going to bar after the show to “eat nachos.” Apparently she thought the “Must be 21 to enter” law didn’t apply to her. (Miss Palin is 19.)

And now, for the most awkward clip you’ll see all day. Last night, on “Australia’s Next Top Model,” the host was given the wrong information and announced the winner incorrectly. Humiliating…you have to watch it for yourself.

On a lighter note, the runner-up was given a free trip to NYC and $25,000 for her professionalism. Not too shabby. The lesson here, always show your best side even in a bad situation, and you just may be rewarded for it.

Well, it’s back to my to-do list; it seems to be growing by the minute! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Pineapple fans.


Terrible Tuesday for Texas September 28, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s been a busy day here at Pineapple HQ; I’ve been busy making travel arrangements, and setting up a new social campaign. It’s always fun to start from scratch, although there’s a lot more involved than you might think. It will definitely keep me busy on this gorgeous Tuesday!

Barlow is hard at work on new creative for several clients; he’s got his thinking cap on today. No Mickey Mouse ears, though. Adam is putting together some impressive media buys for new clients. He loves getting to learn new markets and making deals. It’s important that the client gets the absolute best package with the best deal, and that’s where Adam shines. There are a lot of working parts to media buying, and Adam knows them all. Brock is in his office crunching numbers, which is what he does best.

Earlier this morning, tragedy unfolded on the University of Texas campus in Austin, as shooting began in the library. At 9:43 a.m., the shooter was confirmed dead on the library’s sixth floor, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound with an automatic weapon. No other injuries have been reported so far, but police are looking for a second shooter at this time, due to conflicting descriptions by witnesses. We pray for the safety of everyone on the campus, which is currently on lock down. People are being told to stay away from the campus, and if already on campus, to stay indoors behind locked doors. For the folks in Austin, I’m sure this brings back terrifying memories of the 1966 shootings by Charles Whitman. Stay strong, Longhorns.

On the West Coast, San Francisco lawmakers are trying to ban toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals if the meal is too high in fat or calories. This stems from a plan to combat childhood obesity. If the meal contains more than 600 calories, the child won’t receive a toy. McDonald’s does offer healthy alternatives to French fries now, such as apple dippers. Juice and low-fat milk are available instead of soda. Personally, I don’t think this is the right way to handle the situation. If your child is obese, don’t frequent McDonald’s. I’m not sure why McDonald’s is the only chain under fire here, since most fast food joints give toys in meals for kids. Don’t feed your kid junk on a daily basis, make them play outside instead of sitting in front of the boob tube, and this more than likely won’t be an issue. I’m just sayin’.

Well, I’m back to my project. Enjoy this amazing weather we’re having today. And your commercials suck. Seriously, they really do. (Unless of course, you’ve Picked Us!)


Segway sadness September 27, 2010

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Good afternoon, Pineapple fans! The Pineapple People have had a busy day thus far, jumping headfirst into a new work week. We are a bit distracted, though, because we keep stopping to talk about the gorgeous weather we are having. Oklahoma is definitely creeping into autumn, slowly but surely. I would be perfectly happy if it was like this for the rest of the year!

Barlow is back at Pineapple HQ today, fresh from his Disney world adventure with Lori and the Barlow Babies. All involved had a fantastic time and made plenty of memories. But if you’ve ever been to Disney World as an adult, you know you need a vacation to recuperate from the Disney vacation. The Disney empire requires plenty of walking and waiting in line, bus-riding and park-hopping. But it’s definitely an experience that everyone should have, at least once.

We have a lot going on this week! New commercials from the Tennessee/North Carolina trip are in production, and we can’t wait to see them. We are about to launch a new campaign for a hot tub sale next month, and it’s really cool; we will show you soon! The new Car Country commercial is about to hit the airwaves, in honor of hunting season, which is just around the corner. So keep an eye out for the Credit Cruncher!

Lori has several new projects for Pineapple Hands in the works; I know she’s working on getting a few things set up. We can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. Don’t forget, if you want to volunteer, please just e-mail Lori at lbarlow@pickthepineapple.com. She will be happy to fill you in on the newest projects, and we appreciate any Helping Hands you can offer. We are still looking for an intern to spend about 20 hours a week here at Pineapple HQ. It’s an unpaid position, so it’s ideal if you (or someone you know) is a local college student majoring in communication (advertising, marketing, journalism, public relations!). It’s a terrific opportunity to learn how a full-service agency works, plus it’s really fun. So if you know someone, please have them contact me at ashley@pickthpineapple.com. We will be happy to give more information.

And now, your sad news story for the day. (It is a Monday, after all.) Everyone is familiar with Segway scooters, correct? Mall cops ride them, Presidents ride them. Jim Heselden, a British businessman who purchased the Segway company one year ago, was killed over the weekend in a freak Segway accident. Apparently he was out for a ride in the country near his estate, and the scooter went off a cliff. Witnesses reported seeing Heselden’s body fall over into the River Wharfe. While this is an ironic tale, it turns out that Haselden was one of Britain’s leading philanthropists, and very active with charitable events and donations. Our condolences to the Heselden family.


Friday on my mind September 24, 2010

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Happy Fabuloso Friday, Pineapple fans! It seems to be another gorgeous day in Tulsa; at least it’s not 90 degrees. Not yet, anyway. Today we will have our weekly cleaning party. I got a head start yesterday, so I’m counting on Brock and Adam to finish. I’ll let them flip over who gets to sweep and mop. And I will have a great time watching them clean.

We had a tiny bit of excitement yesterday; we had a runaway dumpster. Our dumpster escaped from its holding place and ran across the parking lot, blocking every car from getting in or out. Adam came to the rescue, pushing it out of the way. (And dumpsters don’t smell good when it’s 90 degrees outside.) So props to Adam for doing a random act of kindness yesterday. Nobody saw him help except for me, so I’ll give him credit. I tried to help him out, but ended up just taking this instead: The Barlows are still having a magical time at the Magic Kingdom. We would like to wish them a safe flight home this weekend! And of course, no lost luggage, and plenty of leg room on the plane. I’m sure we’ll have some fun pictures to show you next week!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for this first weekend of fall, other than watching football? It’s an off week for Oklahoma State, since they take on the Texas A&M Aggies next Thursday, at home. The Sooners are playing in Cincinnati this weekend, which is good, because I’m going to Norman. I didn’t really feel like being in Norman on a home game day; I would need to dress in orange from head to toe to counteract the effects. But I’m guessing it will be fairly quiet since they’re playing out of town.

I saw an interview on Fox Daybreak a few days ago with the reigning teen texting champ, and two other contenders, just before they competed in the LG National Texting Championship. The current winner was defeated, and the new champion is 13-year-old Brianna Hendrickson of Brooklyn. She won by texting a verse of “Old McDonald” in less than 60 seconds. Not only does speed count, but accuracy is important, too. Brianna’s prize? A cool $50,000, and a chance to compete in a charity tournament for another 50k. Not too shabby. But when you think about the fact that Brianna has a $7,000 per month texting bill, that extra cash will come in handy. Now I just wonder this: why in the world haven’t Brianna’s parents opted for an unlimited text plan? But the next time you get on to your kids for texting too much, maybe you should just encourage them to text faster, and maybe they can win some prize money.

Have a wonderful weekend, Pineapple fans! Stay safe, and enjoy the beautiful weather. And remember, your commercials suck. Seriously, they really do.


Walmart and rabid bats September 23, 2010

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It’s official….fall is here! That’s funny, because it seems awfully warm and gusty outside. I don’t smell any bonfires and I’m definitely not wearing boots and a sweater. Oh, well, I guess that will come in time. It’s supposed to rain, though.

The Barlows are still enjoying quality time at Disney World, and I imagine they’re having a terrific time! I bet the Barlow Babies are over the moon this week at all the cool stuff they get to see. (What five-year-old girl wouldn’t be excited about lunch with the Disney Princesses?)

Brock, Adam and I are holding down the fort at Pineapple HQ, and we’ve got Gen-X radio to help us along. (Kid Rock is currently keeping us company.) We each have our own projects to keep us busy this week, so it’s been fairly quiet around here. We haven’t even played any foosball. We may have to rectify that today. Maybe I can beat Brock again, if I’m lucky!

Well, the Forbes list of the 10 richest Americans has been released for the year. Not surprisingly, Bill Gates comes in first place, at a worth of $54 billion, thanks to his success with Microsoft. His best pal, Warren Buffett, came in second. No surprise there. Four of the top 10 are members of the Walton family, mainly Sam Walton’s children. In addition to the Wal-Mart chain, which has annual sales of about $400 billion, the Walton family also owns the Arvest Bank chain, which is run by Sam’s son, Jim Walton. Today I offer you…the best reason for not living in the middle of nowhere. Five children in Peru have been killed by rabid vampire bats. The reason for the deaths? It takes medical personnel about 15 hours to reach the communities where the children lived. This year alone, 3500 people have been bitten by these bats. And really, they’re quite creepy looking. Maybe someone should invent bat spray. Don’t steal my idea! There are seven days, seven hours and 17 minutes until the opening of the Tulsa State Fair, which runs September 30 through October 10. I’m sure all of you are sick of the jingle, just like I am. What’s your fair favorite? But despite that, I’m still excited. I wait all year for the shish-kabobs, and I guarantee I’m making a beeline for the stand, because I know exactly where it is. I also recently learned about deep-fried Snickers. I’ve heard of them, but never tried one. After the delicious description I heard the other day, I’m fairly sure I’ll try one this year. And I’m fairly certain that’s not on my diet. But I really don’t care!

Have a terrific Thursday, Pineapple fans! Enjoy this first day of fall…hopefully the weather cools off a bit, and gets us in the mood for the fair! See you tomorrow!


Pineapples, Dancers and Losers September 22, 2010

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It’s Wednesday, Pineapple fans, and it’s the official last day of summer. Sure doesn’t feel like it, but I’m ready for some cooler weather. Remind me that I said that when it’s six degrees outside, okay?

Lori has been busily lining up projects for Pineapple Helping Hands. If you would like to be on our volunteer list, please email her at lbarlow@pickthepineapple.com. No pressure, we will simply contact you when something comes up, and you can let us know if you would like to donate your time to that particular project. It’s a great way to give back to the community, and the Pineapple People can always use extra help!

Well, the radio personalities were right…the Hoff is OFF “Dancing with the Stars.” Guess he should stick to airing his music videos in Germany. I’m not a big fan, but I thought he would last longer than one night! And my personal favorite, The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino, isn’t doing so well, either. I haven’t seen him dance, but I heard that he’s “got the guns but not the ammunition.” Although if any of you iPhone users are also “Jersey Shore” fans, The Situation has developed an app called…you got it, “The Situation.” It will keep you updated with local GTL…gyms, tanning and laundry facilities. It also includes a workout so you can get abs like him. And this little gem can be yours for just $4.99! I’ll wait while you download it.

It’s a big week for television viewers, since it’s premiere week. I caught the first episode of “The Biggest Loser” last night. I’ve only seen probably five minutes of the show in my life, but it was pretty interesting. I just may become a regular viewer. It amazes me at what it takes for these contestants to finally do something about their weight. From what I was able to tell, someone has to die or nearly die before they realize that their obesity is truly affecting people other than themselves. I’m happy that at least some of them are waking up and coming to that realization before it’s too late. So I’ll cheer on my favorite contestants and try not to eat ice cream while I’m doing it. I hope everyone is enjoying the return of all their favorite shows (The Office! The Middle! Modern Family! Cougar Town!), and hopefully discovering some new ones. Just make sure you keep an eye out for your favorite commercials by Pineapple Advertising!

Well, Pineapple fans, I’m off to make some travel arrangements. Enjoy your last day of summer, and your first day of fall! See you tomorrow!