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They’re baaaaack! July 30, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! It’s another beautiful (and very hot!) day in Tulsa. It’s also the end of a very long and lonely week for Brock and me. Adam and Charles are back, and we are happy about that. It’s just not the same when the Pineapple Trio is gone. And like I told Adam, I can literally see the dust gathering on the foosball table from lack of use. It’ll be up and running again before the end of the day, I promise you that. Besides, it’s Fabuloso Friday, so it’ll be all dusted and ready for Barlow’s return. Update: I just played Charles, and only lost by three points. That’s HUGE for me!

All in all, it seems the Pineapple epic road trip adventure was a huge success. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted with all of the updates!

For all of you American Idol fans, it’s a sad day. Kind of. Ellen DeGeneres has decided to vote herself off as judge for next season. With the absence of both Simon Cowell and Ellen, I don’t see the show being quite as big a success. But with all of the folks out there who still dream of being discovered (or making fools of themselves on national television) there should be plenty of contestants still willing to audition. Personally, I am an Ellen fan, but didn’t think she was really the best choice for a judge; although she’s hilarious, she’s just too nice! And this just in: allegedly the other female judge, Kara DioGuardi, has been fired! Ooh, I bet more updates will come throughout the day! I feel that the light at the end of the Idol tunnel just blinked out. Well, Pineapple fans, it’s time for the Pineapple People to clean the office, since it is Fabuloso Friday. We hope you enjoyed the travel updates from the road this week, and we will chat on Monday, when the gang is back in full force! Have a safe weekend and stay cool…temps will top the 100 mark! And because it’s Friday, and we’ll miss Ellen on Idol…I leave you with this!


Georgia on my mind July 29, 2010

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Happy Thursday, Pineapple fans! It’s another smokin’ hot day here in T-town, but it’s always cool here at Pineapple HQ! Brock and I are on Day 4 of being lonely, since the Pineapple Trio is still on the road. Judging from the beach photo from yesterday, Florida is still just as beautiful as always! Seems the gang has made it to Georgia now, with Barlow taking off to Canada this afternoon. We wish our Big Pineapple a safe flight! Charles and Adam are driving back, and we hope they have a safe and uneventful journey as well. Lori has been busy lining up projects for Pineapple Hands; she’s doing a great job as coordinator! We look forward to seeing what fun activities she will come up with for us. Don’t forget, you can always sign up to be a volunteer; you don’t have to participate in everything, but whenever you can, you’re always welcome! To get on The List of Super Cool Volunteers, e-mail Lori at lbarlow@pickthepineapple.com. So I had a wee bit of excitement a few minutes ago. I ran an errand to one our Pineapple vendors, and my car was on Empty, so I thought I’d stop and get gas. WRONG…no wallet. Oops! I had the great experience of sitting in the stifling heat pretending to pump gas so I wouldn’t get yelled at for blocking a pump. Luckily, my father-in-law came to the rescue. Thanks, Bruce!

I just had the privilege of watering the plants at the office. And for quite possible the first time in my life, I didn’t get completely soaked, only from the knees down. I’m not sure why I have such difficulty operating water apparatus; I can’t go to the car wash without getting drenched, either. Am I the only one that has this problem? We hope that everyone enjoyed Brock’s first blog! As the professional “money man” here at Pineapple, he’s decided it’s time to spread his wisdom to all of our fans. So look forward to reading “Shahan’s Sense and Cents” every week! Don’t worry, it will be posted on our facebook page and our Twitter, so you won’t miss it.

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone! Stay cool, and we’ll chat tomorrow!


Panama City Pineapples July 28, 2010

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Happy lunch hour, Pineapple fans! It’s another very quiet day at Pineapple HQ. Except for the lawn crew and the construction workers outside my window, it’s pretty peaceful. The Pineapple Trio is still on the road, Brock went to get lunch, and I don’t hear a peep from anyone in the building. I’m beginning to wonder if aliens abducted everyone upstairs, because they’ve been really quiet all week.

Barlow, Adam and Charles are in Panama City, Florida, this morning. I’m not jealous at all. Really. I’m not. We would like to wish them the best of luck with their client meetings today, and hope that they have time for a little bit of R & R while they are there. At the very least, they should dip their toes in the ocean! Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates from the boys on the road!

I hope that everyone had a chance to vote yesterday. It’s worth it just to get the sticker, I always say. And of course, to decide the future of our county/city/state/nation.

As you all know, Pineapple Advertising is on Twitter, just like a zillion other people. Twitter is a microblogging platform (each post must be 160 characters or less) that is commonly used by celebrities. (Ashton Kutcher has 5,329,450 followers.) I just saw on Fox 23 News at Noon that Angelina Jolie has started a Twitter account. She has no intention of using it (maybe later, she says), she has zero tweets, zero followers and is following zero people. She just started it so that nobody else can use her Twitter name, @angelinajolie. I’m sorry, but I think that’s ridiculous. Who would WANT to be Angelina Jolie? Of course she’s glamorous and wealthy and has Brad Pitt, but still. I think she’s a bit frightening. Have a wild and wacky Wednesday, Pineapple fans! Stay cool and we’ll chat tomorrow!


Placid Pineapples July 27, 2010

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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of ONE keyboard other than mine (and Fox 23 news at noon at a very low volume). Brock and I both like the background noise, but it’s at the annoying level where I can just barely hear it. But I can see it, so I pretend like I know what they’re talking about. It’s so quiet and peaceful here this week, although a bit boring and lonely. I haven’t had any wildlife scares today, so no adrenaline or excitement.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Pineapple facebook page (and why wouldn’t you be?!), you know that we’ve got some big things brewing. Barlow informed everyone via facebook that we’ve solidified production rights for a dealer group, so that’s great news…can’t wait to hear the details! I also can’t wait to see the video of him losing a one-hole golf tournament; that should be fun. Way to go, Chad! And thanks again to Carol Harper!

The Pineapple Trio has completed their Tennessee leg of the trip with stops in Nashville, Chattanooga and Athens, and today are headed to southern Georgia. You can follow the progress of the Pineapples on our handy map, pictured below: Brock and I are awaiting anxiously for more updates from the boys. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated! And now it’s  almost time for Springer, so I need to load up on M&M’s and get a good seat. Have a terrific Tuesday, Pineapple fans, and we’ll talk tomorrow!


An Open Letter to all of the Men Upstairs in my Building July 26, 2010

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Hello, Pineapple fans! It’s a very quiet, peaceful day here at Pineapple HQ. The Pineapple Trio officially hit the road yesterday on the epic road trip adventure, and they are in Nashville on this beautiful summer day. (Wonder if it’s as hot there as it is here?) Keep checking our Facebook page for daily updates from all of the boys as they make their way through SEC country! And I, of course, will keep you abreast of all the latest from Pineapple HQ.

Let me begin with the FREAKIN’ GINORMOUS SPIDER that has apparently decided to move in. I know there are a few vacant offices still, since we’re in a brand-new building, but really…spiders are not allowed. I’m not an incredible sissy when it comes to bugs (unless it’s June bugs or crickets) but I can’t bring myself to smash a spider that’s as big as my hand when I’m wearing flip-flops. Talk to me when I’m wearing jeans and combat boots. And since all of the guys in my office are gone, that means I have to outsource the problem. Attention to all of the men that are working upstairs: Will one of you please, please, come downstairs and take care of the new resident under the water fountain? That would be GREAT. Thanks. I keep expecting him to knock on the door. Don’t look at the picture below if you’re squeamish about bugs! I’ve been busy so far this morning working on a project for BCBC Modern; I’m learning a lot about modern furniture, which is very cool. One of the best parts about being a Pineapple is not only the random stuff I get to do, but the interesting research that comes along with it. Who knew that bamboo furniture was a real thing, and very popular?

Did everyone have a wonderful weekend like I asked you to? Mine was good, except our air conditioner went out at the house. Whew, it was warm! But I learned that if you go outside and do something like mow the lawn, when you come back in, it almost feels cool. So there are definitely ways to beat the heat (for a few minutes, anyway). And I got the call an hour ago that it is up and running again. Why does it seem that things always break on the weekends when nobody can fix them? Murphy’s Law, I suppose.

Well, Pineapple fans, I hope you’re looking forward to the travel journal from the boys as much as I am…they are bound to have some good stories. Enjoy your Monday, and if anyone is in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop by with your boots and stomp the spider.


Heat, hula and private jets July 23, 2010

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Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a fun and busy day here at Pineapple HQ, so I apologize for making you suffer through a large portion of your day without your Pineapple update. We have a lot going on and it’s been a week of interesting projects (for me, anyway,) and in the spirit of that, I’ve compiled a list of a few things I’ve done since I’ve worked here that I bet you’ve never done at your job.

1) Auditioned a hula dancer.

Yes, it’s true. The boys and I had a girl come into the office today and hula for us. And we learned some interesting facts, such as the hula moves are based on nature. Bet you didn’t know that, and I never would have probably, unless I was a Pineapple.

2) Lost 57 consecutive foosball games.

This is a sad fact. I am truly a terrible player. It’s embarrassing. I have two family members that are fantastic players, but have they given me lessons? Noooo. My goal is to someday beat Barlow. Just wait, it’s coming. I may have to learn from YouTube videos or eHow articles, but I will learn. Mark my words.

3) Rented a bunny costume.

It wasn’t even Easter. Or maybe it was, who knows. At least I didn’t have to wear it.

4) Attempted to rent a private jet.

At 5:30. On a Friday. In a different state. Needless to say, it didn’t happen, no matter how hard I tried. And if you knew the rest of that story, you would be really sad that I couldn’t make it happen.

I’ve done a lot of interesting things since I’ve been a Pineapple. And of course, now that I’m trying to think of them, I can’t come up with any more off the top of my head. But honestly, there are plenty. It’s the daily random challenges that contribute to loving a job, right? So all of you cubicle folks, maybe you should convince your boss to buy a foosball table.

The boys are off on the epic road trip adventure on Sunday. I’m going to be all alone on Monday (good luck on your CPA exam, Brock!), so I expect lots of facebook comments for me to respond to. And if you need to rent a bunny costume, call me and I’ll take care of it for you. Just not a private jet.

Happy weekend, Pineapple fans. Hope you all get to swim, or at least play in the water, or something this weekend…it’s going to be HOT! And FYI, water toys weren’t nearly as fun when I was a kid…it was just sprinklers or Slip ‘n Slides, which are basically garbage bags sprayed by a water hose. And it doesn’t sound quite as cool now to run as fast as I can and hurl myself belly first onto the hard ground. Have a safe one, and we’ll chat on Monday!


It’s Friday…Eve. July 22, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! According to Ron and Ann on Fox 23 Daybreak, today is Friday Eve, and that’s a great way to think of it! No matter how much you love your job, there’s just something magical about Fridays, you know? And I don’t just mean the Jack Daniels’ sauce.

Today has been a quiet day so far at Pineapple HQ. All of the Pineapple People are either in meetings with clients or getting travel finalized for next week. I’m a lonely girl right now, but I guess that will get me prepared for next week when the boys are on the epic road trip adventure. Diet Dr. Pepper, cashews, and iTunes are all keeping me company. At least with Charles out of the office, I can play whatever music I want. (No offense, but I get sick of Alabama.)

I also got my office phone fixed, which means my cell phone bill will be lower, so my mom will be happy. Thanks, Anthony!

July 22. What is, Alex Trebek’s birthday? For all of you Jeopardy fans, Alex Trebek turns 70 today! I love Jeopardy, always have, but I tend to do better with the children’s and college editions. Go figure. Anyway, happy birthday to Alex! There are several other celebrity birthdays today, like David Spade, Don Henley of the Eagles, Albert Brooks and Rhys Ifans. (You should remember him as Spike, the hilarious roommate in Notting Hill.)Winners of the Pineapple fan blitz, your shirts are ready! We’ve got them here at Pineapple HQ, so just let us know when you want to come by. JR, we will mail yours since you’re across the country in sunny California! Thanks again to JR, Dori, Geoff, Connor and Tosha! And don’t worry, you can still tell your friends about our facebook page! We love spreading the Pineapple fun with new fans! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @PineappleAd!

Have a wonderful Friday Eve, and we will chat tomorrow!