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On the road again… May 28, 2010

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As I sit here at my desk eating pineapple (what else?) for breakfast, I can’t help but be amazed by all of the new developments here at Pineapple HQ this week. (Barlow actually requires that we eat fresh pineapple four times per week. Just kidding.)

First on the books is a repeat trip back to our favorite city, Toronto! I think the boys just want another stamp on their passports. It’s time to seal the deal with the dealer group up there; they’re definitely ripe for picking the Pineapple! We’re counting on the boys to bring it home.

After that, it’s time to hit the road. The Pineapple People are heading to sunny south Florida to speak to a dealership that we met at NABD in Vegas. Assuming they don’t just decide to stay there and live on the beach, it’s off to Ohio after that to meet with another potential client. Lots of folks are thisclose to picking the Pineapple, and we’re very excited about that. I’m personally pumped about the Florida lead because I heart the beach! (I even got married on a Florida beach last year, THAT’S how much I love it!) Traveling with the Pineapples is always an adventure, and I’ll be here to keep you informed of all the happenings on the road.

Pineapple Advertising has hit a home run as far as car dealerships are concerned, but we also have several clients in other industries, as well. We have a meeting next week with a really cool furniture store that is ripe for Picking Us! It’s an awesome store, and we know that we can do a great job for them.

Pineapple Helping Hands is still collecting donations this weekend for the Castellanos family, victims of a house fire one week ago today. All items are welcome, and we are especially needing the following: household items, linens, towels, kitchen items, men’s clothing (XXL, 36×36), women’s clothing (medium, size 7.5-8 shoes, LOVES flip-flops!), 3T girl’s clothing, and 3-6 month girl’s clothing. Please let us know if you have anything to donate. You can reach us via our Facebook page, or you can e-mail me at Ashley@PickthePineapple.com. We are so grateful to those who have been able to donate so far. We appreciate you!

For those of you crazy Facebook addicts, we are still doing our Fan Blitz! It’s EASY…just tell your friends to visit the Pineapple page, click “Like” at the top, then post your name on our wall, so we know who sent them. We are giving away FREE “Your Commercials Suck” tee shirts to the first five winners. We’ve got two so far, closing in on three, so there are still two left. Hurry, hurry! Today would be a good day, since everyone will be slacking at work due to the upcoming long weekend.

Speaking of the holiday weekend, we wish all of you a safe and festive Memorial Day. Whether you’re boating, camping, or just hanging out at home, enjoy the break. You deserve it! We’ll talk next week!


Ping-Pong and Pineapple People May 27, 2010

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Today I am sitting down with our new financial wizard, Brock Shahan! Let’s see how he’s doing after his first week as a Pineapple!

Ash: Are you excited after completing your first week as a Pineapple?

Brock: Definitely excited, it’s been great so far. The people are awesome, and the job/office is looking to be a perfect fit for my skill-set and my personality.

Ash: Are you starting to feel comfortable in your new position as controller?

Brock: I’ve actually been informed that my official position is “Financial Advisement Director,” but yes – I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! It’s a lot of things at once right now, but each day I will become more familiar with the day-to-day Pineapple Operations.

Ash: What’s been the most challenging part of your new job?

Brock: So far it’s been absorbing all of the information about Pineapple, its clients, and the way we do business each day. Again, I think that challenge will subside over these next few days as I really slide into my position and set up my own system.

Ash: What’s your favorite part of being a Pineapple?

Brock: The chance to be a part of something big – building from the ground up – and being a part of such a seemingly close-knit staff here at the office.

Ash: Is there anything you would change if you could?

Brock: I would add a ping pong table to the office – the foosball isn’t cutting it. I would obliterate these newbies if we had some pong.

Ash: What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to the day (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) that I’m fully independent and have a hold of everything my job entails. I’m ready to stop bugging Lori all the time!


American Icons….AI and Pac-Man May 26, 2010

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Good morning, Pineapple fans! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. It’s almost time for a leisurely four-day weekend, so everyone needs to work reallllly hard for the next two days so that you deserve the time off! Or you can waste it playing online, but your boss would probably frown on that. I know mine would.

Last Friday was Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. And Google chose to celebrate that very special day by changing their logo to an actual working Pac-Man game. (Don’t act like you didn’t know!) Now some research has been done that says that one day cost the American workforce $120,000,000 in productivity. WOW. Who would’ve thought? I wonder if they’ve done research to see how many dollars are wasted on Facebook every single day. If you keep up with the Pineapple Facebook page, which I’m sure all of you do, you know that Pineapple Helping Hands is off to a great start with its first official project. Pineapple is collecting donations for a local family, the Castellanos, that lost everything in a house fire last week. Any donations are gratefully accepted, and we really need the following:

Household items, kitchen items, linens,

Men’s clothing (XXL, 36×36)

Women’s clothing (Medium, size 7.5-8 shoe, LOVES flip-flops!)

3T girl’s clothing

3-month-old girl’s clothing

Please contact us via Facebook if you have donations, or you can e-mail me at Ashley@PickthePineapple.com, or Lori at LBarlow@PickthePineapple.com.

In addition, if you would like to become a volunteer for Pineapple Helping Hands, please let Lori know! We expect to take on many projects in the coming weeks, and would love to have extra “hands” to help out! Also, if you know of anyone who could benefit from Helping Hands, please let us know that, too. Is everyone as excited as I am about the American Idol finale tonight? If you are, I hope you’re ready for Lee DeWyze to be the big winner, because I fully expect it to happen! I know Crystal has been a front-runner for most of the competition, but I think Lee has the chops to be really big. And let’s face it, I just like him better. So there. Crystal has amazing talent, but I’m just not really into that Janis Joplin vibe, and Lee sings songs from artists that I like. Plus he’s got that incredibly hot voice. Hope everyone tunes in tonight on Fox at 8/7 central. If nothing else, it will be historical…it’s Simon Cowell’s last episode! Personally, I don’t see Idol continuing on at such a high rate of success without Simon, but what do I know?

Don’t forget that the Pineapple Fan Blitz is still going on! Simply tell 20 of your friends (or enemies, or casual acquaintances) to go to the Pineapple Facebook page, click “Like” and post your name on our wall. We want five winners, and we have two so far, so there are still three spots left! Each winner receives a FREE “Your Commercials Suck” tee shirt, courtesy of Pineapple Advertising. Congrats so far to Connor Cosgrove and Dori Arnold, our first two winners!

Enjoy this beautiful day, Pineapple fans. See you tomorrow!


Helping Hands is up and running May 24, 2010

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It’s a magical Monday here at Pineapple HQ! It’s been a crazy day, but I think Mondays are supposed to be like that. The weather is fantastic (we all know Barlow is itching to be on the golf course instead of behind his desk!) and the Pineapples are all glad about that.

Today I would like to focus on our first official Pineapple Helping Hands project. A local Bixby family, Ed and Lasay Castellanos and their two young daughters, were victims of a house fire this past Friday afternoon. Lacey was home, playing outside with the two girls, when their microwave shorted and caught fire, immediately engulfing the entire back of the house in flames. The family has lost everything, and the Pineapple Helping Hands are jumping into action. We are collecting anything you can spare!

*Household items

*Men’s clothing, size Large, 36×36

*Women’s clothing, size Medium, shoe size 7.5-8

*3T girl’s clothing

*3-month-old girl’s clothing

If you are able to help, please bring any donations to Pineapple HQ. We’re located in the office buildings behind Louie’s at 101st & Sheridan, #6304. Our address is 6304 East 102nd Street South, Tulsa. If you need more information, please contact us on our Facebook page, or via e-mail at ashley@pickthepineapple.comThank you, Pineapple fans! We know that you’ll help us rally round this family and bring some peace of mind to them during this stressful time. Have a wonderful week!


Fun Friday and Facebook Fans May 21, 2010

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It’s another fabulous day at Pineapple HQ! It’s a gorgeous day outside, and I’ll admit, everyone is ready for the weekend. Luckily, we have plenty of windows here, so that’s much more pleasant than working in a cave. Or under a rock. Or in a prison cell.

We’ve had quite a few visitors today, so it seems everyone is using any excuse possible to run errands and enjoy the sunshine. Which is fine with us; the Pineapple People love visitors!

It’s been a peaceful day so far. Charles has been working on leads from NABD in Vegas, and we’re hoping to make some moves on those very soon. I’m pushing for some beach clients, personally. I mean, we’re Pineapples! Naturally we love the tropics!

Adam has been working hard today, too, as you can see below.

I’ve been hard at work pushing our Pineapple Advertising Fan Blitz on Facebook….we have our first winner as of a few minutes ago, Mr. Connor Cosgrove! Four more people are eligible to win a free Pineapple tee shirt. All you have to do is get 20 of your friends to LIKE the Pineapple page on Facebook, and have them post your name on our wall so we know they sent you. Simple, and the shirts are awesome!

Well, it’s time to clean Pineapple HQ, our favorite Friday tradition. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and keep sending your friends to the Pineapple!


Facebook. Fans. FREE. May 20, 2010

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It’s almost the weekend, Pineapple fans! Things have been crazy here at Pineapple HQ, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

First of all, we are having another FAN BLITZ on the Pineapple Facebook page. Be one of the first five people to send us 20 new fans, and we’ll give you a FREE “Your Commercials Suck” tee shirt, the very same kind that’s worn by the Pineapple People on the road. (But not THE exact shirt; we wouldn’t do that to you. We’ll give you a new one.)

These shirts are really cute, and definitely attract attention, so why wouldn’t you want one? And let me make it really easy for you; just copy and paste this into your status update on your Facebook page:

“Help me win a FREE tee shirt! Go to the Pineapple Advertising page, click ‘Like’ and then type my name on their wall! Thanks!”

If you’re not that Facebook-savvy, let me teach you a trick. Copy and paste the above sentence, then delete the words ‘Pineapple Advertising’. In that spot, type the @ symbol, then start typing ‘Pineapple’. A drop-down box will appear, and you can select the Pineapple Advertising option, and that will turn the words blue, then make a link directly to our page, so your friends don’t even have to search for us. Miss Dani Ross is in the lead right now, but there’s plenty of time for YOU to win! Come on, Pineapple fans, don’t let us down! If you really want to know why this is so interesting, there’s a wager going on at Pineapple HQ about a fan number….I don’t want to tell you who is involved because I don’t want to tip the scales in anyone’s favor, but let’s do this! Please?We’ve got some hot new leads from our Vegas convention, so that means it’s time to start traveling again! We’re hoping that all of our new prospects will not waste any time before Picking the Pineapple, because let’s face it…that’s the smart thing to do.

I’ve got a big field trip planned for today. I’m spending the day with Car Country’s very own Rog the Credit Cruncher. I’m looking forward to it, because he’s not scary! We’re planning on taking tours of all three of the dealerships, as well as meeting some of the employees and learn a bit more about the company. I’m excited for my behind-the-scenes look, and I’ll be sure to share everything with you as soon as I can. We hope that everyone stayed safe and dry during the storms last night. I hear that the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny this weekend, so let’s hope that’s really the case! Happy Friday Eve, Pineapple fans!


Hot dogs and halos May 18, 2010

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Well, at least it’s not Monday anymore! But today has been so busy at Pineapple HQ, you’d think it was still the beginning of the week. The bright spot of the day was the cookout that we had for lunch….yum, hot dogs and baked beans! We’re quite the chefs here at Pineapple, or so we think.

The office situation has finally been resolved, now that Barlow’s back. Charles and I got to stay put, which is a relief; we’re tired of moving. Brock, our new controller, is settled happily into the super-cool striped office and is learning lots from Lori.

Barlow now has a HUGE desk (formerly known as the Pineapple Conference Table). It kind of feels like getting called into the principal’s office now. If you ever got called into the principal’s office when you were little, remember how massive the desk always seemed? (Side note: I never got called in because of being bad, can you see my halo?) Look how “big business” he looks now!

I think the most entertaining event of the day was watching Charles aka C-plus aka Spider and Adam aka Miss Adam aka Blackhawk, hang the new dry-erase board in our office. You can see how helpful I was. The highlight of Charles’ day was his new iPHONE! He’s moving up in the world, leaving Lori and I as the only two Blackberry users still at Pineapple. We’re holding strong, though, and staying true. (Until I make a lot of money and can afford an iPhone, then I’m jumping ship and Lori’s on her own. Bet you dollars to doughnuts that she gets one first, though.) I’m posting a video of his excitement when it rings while hanging the dry-erase board. (But I can only post it on our Facebook page, since it won’t let me post here.) But here’s a photo to tide you over till you finish reading and race over to our Facebook page! Have a wonderful evening, Pineapple fans. Tomorrow is halfway to the weekend!