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Friday, Facebook and Foosball (and rain) April 30, 2010

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Happy Friday, Pineapple fans! I guess it would be a happier Friday if it wasn’t pouring down rain. (Guess that new grill will have to wait another week.) What a bummer way to start the weekend! Why does it always seem like the weather is gorgeous during the week, when we’re stuck inside, and then turns crummy by the time Saturday rolls around? Oh, well, such is Life.

Other than the weather, it IS a great day! Lots of moving and shaking at Pineapple HQ, plus I just had my first successful game of foosball. Note: I am the worst player in the history of the world. A toddler could beat me, I’m not even kidding. But the foosball fates are on my side today, because I just managed to score THREE goals. That’s a record for me. Of course, Adam scored the other seven, but that’s just fine. I’m sure I’ll be horrible again the next game, but that was my brief shining moment. So let me enjoy it, okay?

Pineapple is pleased to release the new commercials for 800CharityCars. For those who don’t know, 800CharityCars is a nationwide, non-profit organization. The way it works is this: good-hearted folks donate their used vehicles to 800CharityCars. Then people who are deserving go to the website and write their story, explaining why they deserve a free car. Receivers are generally victims of domestic abuse, military families and the working poor, just to name a few. Then a dealership will hold an event where they present the car to the lucky winner, no strings attached. It’s an amazing organization, and we at Pineapple feel truly blessed to represent this company. We feel that 800CharityCars, being such a giving company, does a great job of representing what the DNA of Pineapple is all about as well, so we think this is a wonderful partnership.

A few things to remember, Pineapple fans: don’t forget to log in to Facebook (we know you will anyway) and become a fan (or Like, I guess they’re calling it now!) of Car Country and MBNG Mortgage. Car Country is our area’s #1 Buy Here Pay Here car dealership, so if you have bad credit, this is the place to go. Rog the Credit Cruncher will be happy to help you out. He’s not scary, remember? Plus they have those awesome commercials! MBNG Mortgage is a local mortgage broker who handles all kinds of loans. Not only should you immediately become a Facebook fan, you should really check out their website if you’re mortgage shopping. Their site enables you to apply for a loan online, right then and there, they’ve got FAQs and the latest interest rates, plus a daily blog. Even if you’re not shopping for a home loan right this minute, the blog is pretty interesting, because it covers all kinds of issues that have to do with houses in general. And don’t forget about the Parkinson’s Golf Classic on Monday; it’s not too late to sign up!

Have a fantastic weekend, Pineapple fans, and we’ll meet again on Monday!


Patti Page and Parkinson’s April 29, 2010

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Good afternoon, Pineapple fans! I’m out of Pineapple HQ today, spending entirely too much time at the VA hospital in Muskogee while my husband gets scoped in search of evil colon cancer. (The doctor just came out and all is good…praise Jesus!) So I’m out of the loop as far as the Pineapple People are concerned today. I bet Charles is living it up in the office all by himself! Don’t forget to post on our Facebook page that we need to decorate with James Dean and Miss America!

Last night I attended Destination Claremore, where I met the Singin’ Rage, Miss Patti Page! I must say, she looks fantastic for her age, and although I’ve never heard one of her songs (“Tennessee Waltz” was apparently a huge hit), she’s actually had quite an impressive career. After growing up in Claremore, with one of the major streets named after this person, it was nice to put a face to a name. She’s putting on a concert in Claremore tonight, if anyone is interested.

Pineapple is on location at Nelson Nissan right this minute, shooting their newest spot featuring the dealership’s make-over. I’m very sad that I am missing it; I love production days! Don’t worry, we will post the commercial as soon as it’s complete, as always. And this one will feature more great deals for Nelson Nissan’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers, so stay tuned on that.

And now, a shameless plug. My dear friend Katie Keating is in charge of the annual Parkinson Golf Classic golf tournament this year, to be held on Monday, May 3, at Meadowbrook Country Club. The entry fee is $150 per person. Proceeds benefit the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma, which is a great cause. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. The Foundation serves to raise awareness of this debilitating disease and to improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients and their families. Please see what you can do to get a team together and play! This is always a really fun event, and who doesn’t love golf and charity?

Thank you, Pineapple fans, and enjoy this beautiful Friday eve!


What do racecars and credenzas have in common? April 28, 2010

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It’s official! Charles and I have moved up in the world, and into our new office! “Wait,” you might say. “What’s up with that huge blank spot behind you guys, with the printer on the floor? How tacky.” Yes, we know what you’re saying. Lori (as much as we love her) took ALL of the cool stuff out of here, including the orange chaise and the credenza. We’ve decided we need a new credenza because a) we need something to place our printer on, and b) we like to say the word ‘credenza.’ It reminds me of summer nights in Florence, wandering down the cobblestone streets….

In addition, Charles and I have had some serious talks about decorating our new space. He has every intention of covering his wall with pictures of racecars. Now, while I think it’s very cool that Charles is a racecar driver, our office is just too pretty for that. I’m working on using my power of veto, however minimal. But here’s the question of the day: Do you think it’s a coincidence that we both have life-size cardboard cutouts of famous people? I think it would make a drastic difference if we had James Dean and Miss America hanging out in the corner all day. Now, we’re not sure how Barlow would feel, so could everyone please leave a comment on our Facebook  page telling him that we need to do this?

Now, for some Pineapple business! We’re getting final details for our Las Vegas (!!) convention lined up. Look out, Sin City! In all seriousness, we’re very excited about the opportunity to get some great new clients and share the Pineapple Power with the west coast. (We like the beach, what can we say?)

Pineapple is in full production mode tomorrow, on location at Nelson Nissan! The new commercial will star spokesperson Kiera and will be full of more specials for Nelson Nissan Facebook fans and Twitter followers…so get ready for that! And if you’re not a fan already, please become one! Everyone that becomes a fan this month gets a coupon for a $10 oil change.

We’re excited to welcome MBNG Mortgage to the Pineapple Attack team. MBNG is active on Facebook and Twitter, and has a daily blog as well, that appeals to anyone who is a homeowner or a potential homeowner. If you’d like to get that daily blog via e-mail, please let us know, or become a fan of them on Facebook.

Car Country, home of Rog, the Credit Cruncher, is the newest customer of Pineapple Attack, so please become a fan of them on Facebook, as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Pineapple fans! I’m off to enjoy my new office. Over and out!


Muffin tops and moving day April 27, 2010

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Happy Tuesday, Pineapple fans! Sorry I’m so late in posting today, but there is lots going on today. We kicked off the morning at Pineapple HQ with a breakfast meeting with a potential client. We did our best to wow them, and we’re sure it’s in the bag. (I bet it was my muffin spread that did it. And that’s different than my ‘muffin top.’) 

After breakfast, Barlow decided that we need to start having cookouts on Fridays, when we’ve been good. My job? Go hunt down a great bargain on a propane grill. Done. (Walmart had a great deal…and if you buy a nice grill, you get a $50 gift card!) Stock up on grub. Done.

In the meantime, Charles, our resident handyman, got to assemble a desk for OUR NEW OFFICE! That’s right, Pineapple has only been in it’s space for two months, and we’ve already outgrown it! Lori, as the head of Pineapple Helping Hands, is moving in to a cush new office down the hall from the rest of us, and we’re going to miss her. We’ll just have to pop in and visit every time we head down to the kitchen. But that means that Charles and I get to move in to her office, and we’re very excited. Now I can play solitaire without everyone seeing me. Just kidding.

We will keep you updated on our new client, and all of our other new developments here at Pineapple. And now, I’m off to move in to my new office!


Social networking, sharks and Springer April 26, 2010

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The Pineapples are all back at Pineapple HQ; I’m not alone anymore. Hooray! (Of course, this means I’m not watching television; I don’t think the others love trashy daytime TV as much as I do. Or if they did, we wouldn’t get much work done.)

Adam made it back from Tennessee safely and you’ll be glad to know that Dynasty Spas did a booming business this past weekend, even though the weather in Athens wasn’t nearly as nice as it was here. I promise to interview Adam TODAY, just as soon as I can catch him and tie him down long enough to answer my questions. We’re all curious to hear about the AquaFest kick-off!

Pineapple Attack is literally taking off, and I’m loving every minute of it. Who would really believe me if I told them that I get to blog, facebook and tweet all day? Not many people. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, you can’t even imagine. (Plus I get to watch “Springer”….) We have two new clients that jumped on our social networking ship this week, and we know there’s more on the way. If your company needs someone to set up and monitor your social networking, you know to call Pineapple….let us “attack” your customers!

While thinking about Pineapple and how blessed we are to have such great jobs at such an amazing company, I’d like you to think about something. Each of us here at Pineapple HQ have made a concentrated effort to reach out and be kind to others. We report to our team each week a specific act that we did to help someone in need. (This was actually the basis for Pineapple Helping Hands.) Since nobody wants to look lame or lazy by doing the same thing each week, we have all worked hard to do something for a different person each time, and make sure it’s something we haven’t done before. (I did buy coffee for a stranger two times, but I did an additional act that week as well!) It’s amazing to realize what a difference a tiny gesture can make in someone’s life. It’s definitely opened my eyes, and I’m grateful for that. It doesn’t have to be anything big; you can pick up the tab for the person in the drive-thru behind you, pay the toll for the next car, hold the door for someone. Please, Pineapple fans, try to do something nice for someone today. Or tomorrow. Feel free to comment on our blog about what you did; you don’t even have to sign your name. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy for doing it, I promise you.

Have a wonderful Monday, Pineapple fans!


Friday Thoughts by Pineapple’s Girl Friday April 23, 2010

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It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon here at Pineapple HQ. Spring has definitely sprung, and I’m a little lone Pineapple today. (No, I’m not watching “Jerry Springer.” But that’s only because it’s 2:01 p.m. and it’s over.) Everyone else is working out of the office today.

Adam is currently traveling home from Athens, Tennessee, where the kick-off of AquaFest 2010 at Dynasty Spas was a huge success! I will interview him on Monday so he can give us the complete scoop…I can’t wait to hear all about it! I do that the skydiver landed on the target successfully, so that’s great news! We do have photos and videos posted on our Facebook page, so you can check those out:


Although it’s quiet today, things are moving and shaking with the Pineapple People. Another trip to Toronto is in the works, several of the Pineapples are heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks for a convention, and we have tons of new commercials on the air. Nelson Nissan, Nelson Mazda, and Car Country all have brand-new spots out, so keep an eye out for them. (No lie, a Car Country commercial came on as I was typing this.)

Don’t forget that Nelson Nissan is holding a Live Event tomorrow morning beginning at 8 a.m. on channel 2. The theme this week is “Construction Crazy!” in honor of the construction project that is currently going on at the dealership. It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished! Each person that becomes a friend of Nelson Nissan on Facebook this month gets a coupon for a $10 oil change, so be sure to get on board with that. The link below will take you to the Nelson Nissan Facebook page, so go send them a friend request! You can also follow them on Twitter, @NelsonNissanBA.


The social networking arena of our company, Pineapple Attack, is taking off like a rocket. New clients are hopping on the Pineapple train every day, and it’s a great thing for us; we are really excited about this new endeavor.

Pineapple Helping Hands, headed up by Lori, is starting to get rolling as well. She’s been in contact with several organizations that we are looking forward to working with, to lend them our own “helping hands.”

Well, Pineapple fans, we wish you all a wonderful and safe weekend. Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other. (Okay, I did watch “Jerry Springer.” I can’t deny it.)


Celebs and hot tubs. Just add swag and skydivers. April 22, 2010

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It’s another great day at Pineapple HQ. Adam is still in Tennessee, but we’ve got a full house today otherwise. That means it’s warmer in here than it was yesterday, so it’s probably time to turn the air conditioner back on. Nobody ever noticed, whew. I’m safe.

Tonight’s the big kick-off for Dynasty Spas in Athens, TN, so if you’re there, go check it out! Free food, a skydiver, live entertainment, the works! And you can even get a great deal on a hot tub while you’re there. Might actually be worth the drive to Tennessee for a good deal! Purchasing from Dynasty actually will save you a lot of money. The commercials say they have hot tubs starting at $1999, and I saw a commercial yesterday for a Tulsa spa dealer; hot tubs in Tulsa start at $2995. The key to Dynasty’s prices? Their manufacturing facility is located on-site, so everything is direct, and there’s no shipping.

This has everything to do with nothing. Maybe the thought of fancy spas and wealth made me think of this, but I have this personal issue with the fact that children of celebrities (as well as celebrities themselves) get away with everything, just because they’re what? Famous? Pretty? Able to score lots of free swag just because of who they are? Even hot tubs, I bet. (On another note, I have an even bigger problem with people who are famous by association, like Gayle King, or those who are famous for having rich parents and zero talent, like Paris Hilton. Just had to get that out there.) My faith in the system was redeemed a little bit a few days ago when I saw that Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron, was sentenced to five years in prison for dealing drugs. Now I’m a huge Michael Douglas fan, and that’s too bad for him, but nobody would even have a clue who Cameron Douglas is if his father and stepmother weren’t actors. I’m sure he won’t serve his entire term, and that’s fine. But hopefully he serves more than Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. Combined.

Then this morning, I read that Cybill Shepherd’s son, Zack, is getting off on a charge of STEALING FROM PEOPLE’S LUGGAGE AT THE AIRPORT. Seriously, who does that? Not to mention, he’s a law student. The only thing more amusing would be if he was in the police academy. Plus, he’s wearing a headband, a la David Beckham, in his mug shot. And beautiful Beckham is the only one who can pull that off.

Another fun fact: Heather Locklear got arrested this morning for a hit and run in her own neighborhood. She hit a No Parking sign, then drove away. Neighbors called police, and then the cops saw the damaged sign with black paint on it, then noticed her black BMW a few houses away with sign-shaped damage. That was a serious blonde moment on the part of Ms. Locklear.

I’m officially finished with my ranting for the day; I’ll step down from my soapbox now. But I’m curious to know if others feel the same way as me on this. Don’t you think everyone should be respectful of the law, and not be given a free pass just because you’re pretty/wealthy/famous/semi-talented at pretending to be someone else? Thoughts, Pineapple fans?